You are unhappy? Why ? What makes you unhappy? There are people around you or it may be you who feel that things are not happening the way those ought to be.
If you feel like this let’s analyze why it happens so?



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Why Am I so Unhappy | What is the main cause of unhappiness | 

The root cause of all the pains lies in your own stupidity. You think that others will help you elevate in your life and that does not happen. It actually rarely happens with someone. One has to do herculean efforts to come out of agony. And the most important thing is to be less dependent on others, the more you expect others to do your favor, the more you feel distressed.

Since your happiness is dependent on others, anyone can easily make you upset by not fulfilling your demands or by deliberate acts to make you upset.

So be brave. Be self-dependent in every aspect as much as possible. If you think that your wife or mother should cook food for you and she is busy with her work and cannot do or deliberately does not do. The simplest example of your daily life may upset you at the starting of the day. Why she doesn’t care for me?  Because you expect and when you expectation is not fulfilled that makes you sad. So be focused on you. Either cook whatever you know or eat it from market whatever can be purchased, without being extravaganza.

In your office, you expect that the office boy should provide you the requisite files. But he doesn’t give you all the files in time. Stand up, search where the files may be, and start working.

You are a student, and you want to spend some money on watching movies with friends or purchase a new gadget. Either save bucks from your pocket money or give service in restaurant or by giving tutorial to your juniors. Is it difficult? Then remain quiet, without complaining your parents whom you think that they do not fulfill your demands. Got it?

Whatever you expect from others give you by your own; this is a kind of complete independence.

The more you depend on others for fulfilling your demands, you are more likely to be distressed for more years. How a child learns to walk without support of any other,   if a child can learn that. Can’t you?

If you seek that an idol of god, any deity, any astrologer will bless you or tell you as to how to become successful, you are absolutely at wrong. Neither you should unnecessarily request nor beg others to fulfill your demands. You are ‘all in one’ as god’s creation. So why you disrespect god’s beautiful creation about whom god is convinced that this part of god is capable enough to fulfill all his desires in this very life.

Enjoy your life! Stay calm! Be independent! Spend happy life with zero expectations from others!

So, Now you can know What makes you unhappy!

SO, Let us consider what makes you unhappy

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