Top Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

let us know Shopping Tips Engagement Rings! Now, get some thing interesting. Top Shopping Tips to Buy Custom Made Engagement Ring! Today, engagement rings are very much a part of our marriage customs. For most of us, diamond engagement rings have been around for as long as we can remember.
However, the question is , where did engagement rings originate from?
Over the years, there have been some very unique engagement rings. Some of them were actually men’s engagement Rings and some of them were women’s.
Whether to accept it or not but, in a way, engagement rings have changed a lot over the times.

Top Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Engagement Ring
Top Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Engagement Ring | Top Shopping Tips to Buy Custom Made Engagement Ring

The whole idea behind the engagement ring, whether you are talking about women’s or men’s engagement rings, is that the band is always circular. It is said that all engagement rings, as well as wedding rings, are shaped this way to show that their love is considered endless.
After all, if you look at a circle it has no end.

Others say that the circle is a symbol of unity. Pretty much saying, when two half’s come together, which would be you and your soon to be wife or husband, you form a unbreakable bond.

Top Shopping Tips Engagement Rings

So when was the first engagement ring recorded. This may shock you, but engagement rings have been around since the caveman days. In a cave drawing, scientist have found a caveman, who has been nicknamed Ug, giving out unique engagement rings to the cave girl next door.

The reason why these were unique engagement rings is because they were woven out of grass or leather, the actual element that was used to make them is unknown to this day. Although the engagement ring was still in the shape of a circle, it did not go around the finger but around the wrist.

Some say this formed almost a handcuff-like band. There are two theories to why they made their engagement rings like this. One is so that the girl could not escape;, she was bound by the wrist. The second theory is that they both were bond together to show their love was binding.

It’s hard to tell when the first diamond wedding and engagement rings came about, but many think that it can be traced back to the Greeks. At the time, women’s and men’s engagement rings were not called “engagement rings”, but Betrothal rings. Most of the time these would not be diamond engagement rings, however. They would normally end up being more like friendship rings.

However, they are called engagement rings, because these two people normally wed. Also at the time, diamond wedding rings were not as popular as other gem engagement rings.

The engagement rings of today are, of course, very different from what we found in history.

However, it’s cool to think that engagement rings have been around since the time when cavemen walked the earth. One thing is for sure and that is this fashion is not to lapse out anytime soon.

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Top Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Engagement Ring!


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