How to Use a Morning Routine to Be More Productive | Perfect Your Morning Routine With 10 Research Backed Steps

Morning Routine Is Key To Successful Day mostly Morning Habits Of Highly Successful People can be replicate and can be optimized for your benefit.

Why Morning Routine is the key to success?

Are you struggling to stay on track when no one is looking over your shoulder? Take our advice to motivate yourself and get more things done.

In many years working in accounting, finance magazine, doing business research and education, I have never had a bad boss, though I have had many bosses, including the one who threw things. Only one gave me an annual performance reviews, and mine were not “Keep up the good work!” But his opinion mattered.

Still, as I contemplated a meaningful and productive future, being my own boss was still at the top of my list. Finally, this day came true. However, being an inexperienced boss of my own, I had a challenge of actually get things done.

Morning Routine

Until I found an inspiration sitting across the breakfast table – my husband has been his own boss for 40 prolific years. What is his secret?

Having a routine, is sometimes called as much a part of creative process as the lightning bolt of inspiration. In her book The Creative Process, Twyla Tarp argues persuasively that the key to productive day is a morning routine that never varies.

My husband has that key. His curiousity takes him everywhere and anywhere, his workday is highly varied, but his morning routine is not. 

Morning routine sets a tone for the day of intentionality and purpose. And I came to use this to my advantage. A few months ago I tried out a new routine. I laid out a set of clothes as if i was going to work in the morning instead of to my own office.

In the moning I have my coffee and put on makeup, and look like someone who has somewhere to go. Morning routine helps me to arrive to my office with focus and energy, and better start ups produce better follow through.

Here are some other tips to increase productivity:

Time Your Tasks: Notice the hours when you think the most clearly. Schedule your most challenging work then.

Know The Goal:
Write a business card with your ideal identity on it. Then strive to work like that person.

Log Off:
Carve out some work time without phone or e-mail. This is a sure proof way to boost your productivity.

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