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Want to know more about Latest Trends in Wedding Rings. Here it is all about Wedding Rings and Status. Within the wedding ceremony the wedding ring has an extremely important position. Rings have been a part of the wedding ceremony for many centuries. The exchange of wedding rings began in ancient Egypt.

The twisted reed used by the Egyptians did not equate with great status. The Romans allowed the wedding ring to take on more meaning. The Romans introduced the use of iron wedding bands.

How did the Romans look at wedding rings and status? The married Roman men saw the wedding bands as the sign of a legal agreement. When a man put a ring on a woman, then he owned that woman.

While the Egyptians were twisting reeds, Asians twisted other long, thin objects. They created what they called puzzle rings. Travelers on the Silken Road carried some puzzle rings to the Middle East. That action opened the door to the concept of wedding rings and status.

Sultans and Sheiks purchased the puzzle bands. They used the puzzle bands as wedding rings. As the importance of rings grew, great artists afforded them wider recognition. When poesy rings were popular, William Shakespeare mentioned them in some of his plays.

The combination of wedding rings and status seemed to fade into the background in Colonial America. The Puritans refused to wear any type of jewelry. At weddings, a Puritan man and a Puritan woman would exchange thimbles. Later, some Puritan women cut-off the cap of the thimble and transformed it into a band.

Women understood the relationship between wedding rings and status. Men showed little interest in wearing wedding rings until World War II. Then men found that by wearing a wedding ring, they could feel closer to the women who waited for them back home. One must be aware of Latest Trends in Wedding Rings.

The womens movement with its emphasis on independence created changes in issues that related to wedding rings and status. Women did not want to have a ring that seemed like a copy of their mothers ring. In the 21st Century, two new trends appeared in the marketplace.

Some women chose to have a platinum ring, rather than a silver or gold ring. Some women wanted color in a wedding ring. They found two sources of color. A wedding ring could have sapphires, rubies or emeralds along with diamonds. A gemstone could be set in a rose gold wedding ring.

As women and men have learned more about diamonds, the characteristics of the diamond have demonstrated the quality of the ring. A ring with a high quality diamond gives the wearer reason to feel that he or she has achieved a certain amount of status. Quality diamonds have greater clarity. They have fewer fractures.

Cut, color, clarity and carats allow a diamond to represent status.

So, you might have known now about Latest Trends in Wedding Rings!

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