Antique Design Wedding Ring Set

Antique Design Wedding Ring Set is talk of the town. When it comes to wedding fashion.
Those looking for an antique design wedding ring set might want to initiate their search by examining some Moissanite jewels. Charles and Collard, the creators of those jewels appreciate the benefits of offering more than one type of antique design wedding set.

One of their sets includes a ring with three gemstones at the top of the ring. A second set includes a ring with a solitaire gem and diamond side stones. A third set hearkens back to the historical period known as The Middle Ages.

The sellers of Moissanite jewels can offer one antique design wedding ring set that has been described as a Princess cut. The ring band with this cut contains a tiny flap of metal. That flap helps to support the gemstone at the top of the main ring in the set.

Further variations on the antique design wedding set can be found at this website; Here one can find filigree work with white gold. Here too one can find colored gemstones, cameos and wedding pearls.

Some antique designs are adaptations of old designs. Some are actually recreated from molds of the original antique rings. One can find such replicas at

Those who want to look for an antique design wedding set need to learn the names of the various ring settings. The term channel setting: refers to a solitaire gem with a line of small diamonds next to it. The mention of prong setting can substitute for reference to a claw setting.

On a large number of rings the metal prongs form a sort of basket. In a prong setting, those metal prongs can be long or short. The bezel ring setting replaces the prongs with a metal rim.

The pave setting has been associated with the early days of Hollywood. The early stars wore rings that had a pave setting. In such a setting many diamonds sit close together at the top of the ring.

A final setting that deserves mention is the flush setting. In a flush setting not all of the gemstones are flush with the ring surface. Some of the gemstones have been sunken into the ring mounting. Other stones have then been added, bringing them flush with the rings surface.

Which setting is more commonly found among antique rings? Well, how do you define antique rings? Do such rings include the era when mention of film stars first appeared on the American scene? If so, then pave settings would qualify for inclusion in antique design wedding sets.

If antique equates with a much earlier period of history, one might want to put only bezel settings among the antique wedding sets. The diamond bezel setting mimics the setting in rings worn by kings and queens.


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