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Let’s find out about Latest Trends in Pearl Wedding Jewelry. Pearl Wedding Jewelry has centuries of tradition behind its custom. Pearls symbolize the soul of a wedding. Just like a picture perfect wedding, pearls are timeless, graceful, beautiful, classical, elegant and simply sophisticated. They exude femininity and heritage. They are a brides best friend, sometimes even longer than unique diamonds, and can gracefully compliment any wedding gown or bridesmaid outfit. Coordinated pearl earrings, pearl bracelets for flower girls, and pearl cufflinks for the groom and ushers silently create a smooth and seamless continuity of style and class.

Pearl Wedding Jewelry,
Pearl Wedding Jewelry

Pearl Wedding Jewelry is not, however, constrained to its traditional uses. Pearls can easily be a reigning theme in an elegant formal wedding. Faux pearls are a simple way to inexpensively represent their beauty and symbolism. From the wedding invitations to the honeymoon, they can follow the events of the wedding.

To make pearl wedding jewelry the theme of your wedding, it is easy to start with the invitations. Elegant silky or satiny pearl paper, pearl foil, and embossed pearl designs are available at many wedding stationary supply stores. If you are creating do-it-yourself wedding invitations, pearl borders, designs or even a small pearl glued to the note card can add a touch of elegance.

The wedding bouquet can include pearl roses in the bouquet, and small strands of pearls can whisper timelessness against antique lace. Pearl roses used for the gentlemens boutonnieres would compliment the bridal bouquet. The bridesmaids would surely cherish keeping the jewelry that adorns their neckline and dangles from their ears, and a flower girl would love nothing more than a beautiful bouquet of roses and a grown-up pearl necklace from the wedding. Wedding gifts of gratitude to members of the wedding party can continue to carry on the pearl theme and consist of pearl wedding jewelry – but there many options of gifts available and gifts are certainly not limited to jewels alone.

At the entrance of the ballroom or other room you have reserved for your wedding reception, your pearl colored guestbook can rest on a podium bordered tightly with a rope of pearls. The guest pen can be held securely to the podium with a pearl chain rather than the standard silver links. And of course, it would be easy to decorate any gift card box with clusters of pearls, and request picture frames or wedding photo albums garnished with elegance of pearls in your wedding registry.
There is more to know about Latest Trends in Pearl Wedding Jewelry!

At the dinner tables, centerpieces of flower arrangements laid upon mirrors can be surrounded by candles and scattered pearls – or drape strings of faux pearls on candelabras. If moneys no object, use faux pearls as tiebacks to your chair covers if they are being used in your wedding. The wedding table for the bride and groom can be decorated with a frontal display of a graceful looping of strings of faux pearls. And perhaps pearl onions could even be worked into the dinner menu for the guests.

Tiered wedding cakes lightly adorned with pearls add Victorian style nobility. The cake table can be coordinated with the dinner table centerpieces, and mirrors, wedding votive candles or candelabras, and strands of pearls can be scattered over a silky pearl gathering of fabric, complimented with a swag of pearls on the front border of the cake table, similar to that on the bride and groom table.

The wedding cake knife, a traditional keepsake, can be tied with a ribbon dotted with pearls. After the wedding, and on the honeymoon, lingerie embellished with pearls, or even silk pearly white lingerie would certainly reign in the pearl wedding jewelry theme.

Pearl Wedding Jewelry makes an elegant, classical, and seamless wedding theme. These adornment are welcome at any wedding, and any special event, and are timeless pieces of jewelry that can be handed down for generations.
There is more …Latest Trends in Pearl Wedding Jewelry! They can even be worn at your 30th wedding anniversary celebration when the modern and traditional gifts are considered diamonds and pearls. But by then, the diamonds and pearls will have to take a back seat to your husband, because by your 30th wedding anniversary he is sure to be your best friend.

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