Wedding Invitation terms

 Wedding Invitation Terms

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What are save the date cards?

Save the date cards are announcements that are sent out prior to the big day. They inform your guests about the wedding date and it allows them to plan ahead and to make hotel and flight accommodations. Save the dates are most often sent for weddings that are taking place during the summer months when people tend to vacation along with holiday weekend.
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Please specify the difference between a ‘place card’ and ‘escort card’?

Everyone refers to an escort card as a place card because most people do not have both, unless it’s a very formal event. The escort card tells your guest which table that they’re seated at, wheras a place card tells your guest which seat they’re assigned to at the specific table.

What is a ‘wedding party itinerary’?

A wedding party itinerary outlines the weekend agenda for your wedding party.

What are ‘wedding programs’?

Wedding programs outline the wedding ceremony. It includes a list of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, along with the parents, the officiant, and other members walking down the aisle or involved in the ceremony.

What are ‘direction cards’?

The direction card is the card that’s included in the wedding invitation, and it lets your guests know the directions on to how to get to the location site.

What are ‘hotel accommodation cards’?

Hotel accommodation cards inform your guests as to where the bride and groom recommend they stay.

What is an ‘out of home stationer’?

It’s a stationery specialist who works out of their home and can usually provide brides or brides and grooms with one on one customer service. They are also sometimes able to offer a discount.

What is a ‘French fold’ wedding invitation?

A French fold invitation is where the paper is folded horizontally and then vertically and then the text is printed inside.

What are ‘artist created’ invitations for weddings?

An artist created invitation is where the invitation is hand made and not done by machine. Very often a calligrapher will write the invitation by hand.

What is ‘100 percent rag paper’?

100 percent rag paper is either cotton or linen because some people are very obsessed with the thickness and with the paper stocks. It is all about the feel and the touch, and it’s luxurious.

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