How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Herbal Wedding in India

How To Plan An Eco Friendly Herbal Wedding in India Let’s talk about Herbal Wedding Theme, Let us discuss a new topic, How To Plan An Eco Friendly Herbal Wedding in India!

Eco Friendly Herbal Wedding is An excellent wedding idea is an expression of romance told with herbs and flowers. So if you have read about your herbs well, you will be able to choose them yourself and make your wedding a feast for all the senses. Once you have made an informed selection of herbs and flowers, you can try to design your bouquets on your own.
If you lack the expertise or time, tell your florist what new meanings you have learnt about herbs and flowers and begin to design your bouquets together.

Once the selection of flowers and herbs is complete, start with the bridal bouquet. Your bouquet should express with flowers your personal style as well as your deeper beliefs.
In fact, the bridal bouquet will set the tone for all other designs, from altar flowers to bridesmaids’ bouquets, follow. And there are so many others like the maid of honor’s bouquet, flower girl bouquets or pomanders, boutonnières for the male members of the Eco Friendly Herbal Wedding party, and so on.

The layout of the ceremony and reception venue will determine the choice of your flowers. You can stay simple by just arranging two vases of flowers and herbs on the altar. You may also scatter more complex designs throughout the sanctuary and reception hall. If you are ready to spend more, decorate each table with a structured floral centerpiece, and also scatter loose herbs and flowers over your table linens for a measure of elegance.

In an Eco Friendly Herbal Wedding, the mingled aroma of herbs and flowers and the beauty of fresh botanicals invade and take over our senses. The symbolism of flowers and herbs finally adds a personal dimension to the entire celebration. Let us have a look at what these herbs and flowers stand for.

Sweet marjoram represents goodwill as the newlyweds start a fresh life. While heartsease represents happiness, the muted peaches, pastel yellows, creams, and pinks join with traditional purple add a “happy face” to bouquets. Burnet stands for a merry heart. Parsley is a symbol of festivities.
While red roses represent love, pink roses symbolize gentility, grace, and high romance. White rose represents purity while yellow roses celebrate love.
Myrtle suggests love and passion, while lavender means devotion.

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Thyme is a symbol of strength and courage. Blue-green rue can be called the herb of grace, which represents vision and virtue. Chamomile represents patience, a quality much needed in conjugal life. Last but not the least is rosemary, an inseparable part of any Eco Friendly Herbal Wedding. It is the ancient herb of remembrance which should find a place in all the bouquets and floral designs.

So choose your own herbs and flowers and celebrate your Eco Friendly Herbal Wedding. Say it with herbs and flowers.

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