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Planning A Theme Wedding? Just Get to know How To Select Best Wedding Theme For Your Wedding!

How To Select Best Wedding Theme For Your Wedding in a nutshell

One of the setbacks in planning a wedding is the budget. A great way to keep your wedding within your budget is by planning a theme wedding. Why? This is because with the theme wedding your choices are narrowed to the items that are only needed for the theme. The colors and the decorations are the most important part of the themed wedding.

How To Select Best Wedding Theme For Your Wedding
Essential Guide Best Beach Wedding Ceremony Tips

You can make it a Valentine’s Day wedding theme, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Victorian theme, autumn, Halloween and for a theme based in colors, a Black and White theme. The following are two of the most popular theme couples prefer.

Butterfly Themed Wedding

New Ideas How To Select Best Wedding Theme For Your Wedding

In this type of theme, the bridesmaid will have to carry wild flowers for their bouquets. For the bride and the bridesmaid’s dresses, you could attach some butterfly patches. It is important that you place it beautifully. Also, make sure that the colors of the patches will compliment the dress that they are wearing. For the groomsmen you could use some butterfly buttons for their dresses and some pins.

There are lots available butterfly designs for invitations and thank you cards to choose from. The wedding ceremony is best if it is held during the mid day or early afternoon. The perfect venues are Botanical Gardens, Park and even the Zoos.

For the decorations in the reception area, you could use some flowers like Phlox, Lilacs, Asters and Honey suckers. These flowers are loved by Butterflies. You could plane these flowers in the center table or if you want, you could design this center tables uniquely according to your choice.

You can even place butterfly names in every table as well as their favorite flowers. By doing that, you could also be giving away some great piece of information to your guest.

As for food, you can make some butterfly shaped cookies for favors.

Beach Themed weddings.

This theme is perfect for beach lovers. The wedding can also be held in lakeside, private yachts and resorts. A wedding dress is simple. It should not be too long and instead of wearing a veil, the bride could wear a crown of flowers or even a hat. The accessories to be used are pearls and leis. Invitations should have a sunset theme, sailboat and tropical island pictures.

For the flowers, they often use Carnations, Lily and some Violets. For the wedding decorations, white chairs are the best. You can also add some sea shells and sand dollars.

For the food, the wedding cake should feature a beach theme. You can also make sand dollars and seashell shaped cookies and chocolates for favors. If you are planning to have the reception at night, having fireworks display will add up to the romantic atmosphere of the beach.

Additional decorations that can be used are luminaries and balloon. They are cheap but they will perfectly fit your theme.

In choosing a theme, the couple should agree with it so that there will be no hassles especially in the styles and the accessories of the decoration.

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One of the setbacks in planning a wedding is the budget. A great way to keep your wedding within your budget is by planning a theme wedding. Why?

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