Tips to become a winner in life so, this is the most important fact while living a life with a positive attitude. Think twice while opting for any work.

  tips to become a winner in life |  how to win in life quotes |

tips to become a winner in life | how to win in life quotes |

Negative and Positive thoughts: Tips to Become a Winner in Life



A young granddaughter went to see her grandfather in his home; she found various rose flowers there. She was about to pluck one flower when his grandfather told her, ‘My dear granddaughter! do not pluck this flower because it will grow bigger.’ And she stayed there for several days, she would go to the particular flower every day and would say, “You will grow bigger” And really the flower became biggest among all the grown flowers. She nurtured with positive thoughts to the plant and the flower grew biggest.

Can’t we nurture ourselves with positive thoughts? It all depends on us. Two types of thoughts develop in a mind out of which an optimistic selects positive thoughts, while a pessimistic person selects negative thoughts and them in future win/fail respectively.

You are the owner of your thoughts if you allow yourself to develop negative thoughts like, “I cannot do this, and how can I be successful in this venture? I do not have sufficient knowledge. I do not have speaking or communication skills. I do not have friends or connections to grow business. I do not have money. I am not healthy.   The business will go in loss, then where will I go? And all the nonsense thoughts will result into failure.

On the contrary, if you develop thoughts like, ‘I am ready to do this. I’ll make plan for it. I’ll groom my skills. I’ll grow circle of my contacts. I’ll acquire the knowledge which is requisite for progress. If I am not fit at present, I’ll take care of my health and will improve in a manner which will make me efficient for a particular task /assignment. ‘All these positive thoughts will surely lead you towards the path of success.

Remember a tree/ plant can be destroyed by abuse and can be grown perfectly with positive thoughts too. So why you abuse yourself in order to destroy all your strength? You need to nurture your positive thoughts to proceed further on the path of success. All is the game of mind, which is factory of thoughts, whatever you produce (negative/positive thoughts) will lead you towards failure/success accordingly. Be a master of your mind and control your thoughts and give those a positive direction and you will surely be successful.


These are Few Tips to Become a Winner in Life.

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