Success Mantras


Do you think there is any shortcut to success? Do you think that people are more successful than you while you are more talented? Then why did it happen that you are not successful as others are! Who stopped you from becoming successful, Dear sir, madam it is you only. Nobody stopped you. Nobody can ever stop you if you do not wish to lag behind. If you had real courage you would have become successful. So what are the basic mantras for success?

These are Courage, determination, Self confidence, time management, and dedication towards work with nature of hard working.

You have numbers of plans and projects but you do not have courage to implement them. So please do not procrastinate, be self responsible. No will come to help you unless you yourself make up your mind to uplift you. It is ridiculous that we have accepted a set of problems and adversities in the life but we do not want to improve our habits like procrastination, delaying work, and not becoming self responsible. Fear of failure is another drawback we have to get rid of it, else we can never do progress.

Remember heights by the great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but while their companions were slept, they were toiling upwards in the night.

So if you wish to become a great person or be successful in your life, make an action plan, work diligently on it, practice more and more is the only thing that will make you perfect in your tasks and projects.

Make a list of your dreams, goals and targets.

Try to achieve them on daily basis without fail as you perform your duty in your office daily.

Ask yourself everyday that how can I fill life with courage and how much I succeed in my endeavors which were noted down as a list.

Accept responsibility and find out, where you failed try to improve those mistakes.

When you do everything with perfect time management and dedication you will see results of success in near future. I have told you all basic mantras for success we will discuss some more things about success shortly. All the best.

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