Happiness Hacks

  Often we face adversities in our life and feel why me? Why all the bad things and events happen in my life only.Nobody is so much panic-stricken as I am.This is negative approach.  Good and bad events come and go. You give place to the negativity in your mind hence you feel sad.

So this time, you should be alert, whenever you face adversities in your life.Being alert means you should not be terrified, worried or sad.Try to figure out how it is good for you. let me describe a story:-once there was a king. A person took a new sword before him. As soon as the king touched the sword his finger tip was cut by it. One of his minister said,Whatever happens, happens for the best.’the king upon hearing such words became furious. The  ministers had very intimate relationship with the king, was sent to jail. even then he uttered this phrase again.

The king went to the forest, for hunting.He was kidnapped by the tribal people living in the forest, who bathed the king with holy water chanting some mantras, and prepared him for sacrifice on the altar made to please the goddess.All of sudden they noticed that the king is mutilated; hence cannot be sacrificed before goddess. he was liberated.
when the king returned to his kingdom, he met with his minister and said , what you said to em was correct’. I understood what was good in my case, but tell me what was good in your matter of incarceration.
The minister replied humbly, ‘Had you not put me behind the bars, we would have gone together in the forest, being mutilated you were escaped and I would have been sacrificed.’ Learn from this phrase, it is really significant.

If you notice the biography or incidents of great or renowned persons, you will find that sometimes some people do not get job for which they longed for desperately, but in future they got those opportunities, which proved beneficial for long term.
Cine star Amitabh Bacchan’s profile was rejected by renowned bank, when he was looking  for a job and after his successful career as an actor, he became brand ambassador for the same bank and distributed cheques of the same bank to the winners in the game show, he hosted.
Life takes turn, things change, we should accept every change positively.
the moment you recognize your good, you will become calm, delighted and blissful, that adversity will pave your way for further success.
various eminent persons and saints also say ‘Man loves only favorable things, not the unfavorable. This is his cowardliness. This desire for the favorable is the only impediment towards one’s success.
As a mother gives sweetmeats to her healthy son and bitter dose of the medicine to the sick one, similarly the mother nature also gives favorable and unfavorable conditions in our life accordingly. Any adversity is not meant to harm us , but to groom us.
Remember who does not care about adversities and does not relax one’s efforts gets success with his firm determination certainly.
Keep in your mind always ‘Whatever happens, happens for the best.’ and enjoy your life in all circumstances, ups and downs.
All the best.

Happiness Hacks

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