भगवान् कृष्णा के स्ट्रेस मैनेजमेंट टिप्स

संजय उवाच

दृष्ट्वा तु पाण्डवानीकं व्यूढं दुर्योधनस्तदा

आचार्यमुपसङ्गम्य राजा वचनं ब्रवीत || 2||

Sanjay said, ‘At that time, Duryodhana spoke to Dronacharya upon seeing the well-arranged army of the Pandavas.’


This term used here at this juncture is related to the incident when both the armies were prepared to fight in response of the question by Dhritarashtra as to what had been done by both the parties.

तु:-this term is used in order to explain about the sons of the Dhritarashtra as he asked about the status of his sons and sons of Pandus in the battlefield.

दृष्ट्वा तु पाण्डवानीकं व्यूढं:-

Pandavas army was well arranged with one minded without any difference of opinion amongst all.

Lord Krishna and the Dharma were both standing in their favour. In whose favour god and Dahrama are they always cast great impact on others.

Despite their les number of soldiers army of the Pandavas full of radiance. Thus could cast impact on others. Hence Duryodhana was also surprised to see all these arrangements  and he went to Dronacharya to seriously asking him something related to further strategy or policy making.

राजा दुर्योधनः

King Duryodhana term was used here to depict the probability of his being king in future as he (Dhritrashtra) was attached with Duryodhana to the utmost. As per tradition, he was the proposed prince of the province. He used to take care of all the acts of the kingdom. Dhritrashtra was a king in name only. Duryodhana was the main reason for this fight. Due to all these Sanjay used term king for Duryodhana.


There were three reasons involved meeting Dronacharya.

1)Duryodhana went to meet him to accrue aversion for Pandavas in Dronacharya and to gain favour from him so that he may fulfill his selfishness.

2) It was also appropriate to venerate Guru.

3)  Chief person in army must be in his position; else the arrangement might be spoiled.

Hence he should have seen him in person.

The suspicion may arise that Duryodhana should have visited to give regards to Great grandfather Bhishma at first, who was his commander.

But he went to Dronacharya. Why so? Dronacharya as well as Bhishma always did favour for both Pandavas and Kauravas equally. But convincing Dronacharya was much difficult since Dronacharya was attached to Duryodhana just because of master and disciple tradition, but not due to family relationship and he was specifically more attached to Arjuna. Therefore it was significant to convince Dronacharya first. Practically it is seen that a person who favours less is given much respect in order to convince him.

Duryodhana had conviction that if he did not go to Bhishma, he won’t mind as he was his great grandfather and in case he got upset he would convince him in any manner.

And Bhishma as well as Duryodhana were attached emotionally due to family relationship. Therefore Bhishma blew the conch in order to please Duryodhana.

वचनम ब्रवीत

Here अब्रवीत term was sufficient to explain the term वचनं, even then this term was used to depict that Duryodhana speaks words replete with policy which create aversion for Pandavas  in the mind of Dronacharya and he by being in the army of Duryodhana fight properly so that he might get victory and his selfish motives be achieved.

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