Wedding Gift Card Holder Box Ideas

Wedding Gift Card Holder Box Ideas
When it comes time to plan a wedding, one of the last things you are thinking about is the wedding gift card holders. However, using fun and well themed wedding card holders can help add a level of personality to your wedding that you can not achieve without it.

Wedding Gift Card Holder Box Ideas
Wedding Gift Card Holder Box Ideas

The main problem people have with holders is that they are afraid to think outside the box. They feel like they are confined to stay inside the social standards of Wedding Gift Card Holder Box Ideas. People need to notice that this is not the case at all! You have to be willing to live a bit and try something new.

Something that holds wedding cards does not sound like it would be a big deal, but you would be amazed at how much character it can add to a room. That is why we are going to cover a few unique Wedding Gift Card Holder Box Ideas that you may have never thought about!

One cute wedding gift card holder that you could use is a white bird cage. This makes a festive way to decorate a room, but allow the decorations to still have a purpose. Now, you can not just turn any old bird cage into wedding gift holders. There are a few things that you have to do to them to make them ready to use. First of all, the bottom has to be closed in somehow so that the wedding cards do not fall out the bottom.

Also, you need to make sure that the bird cage is decorated to fit a wedding theme. This is easily done by adding a ribbon to it and other festive things. If you do not feel like this as a card holder that you can make, then you may want to look online for some of them.
There are a few different sites that sell these kinds of wedding gift card holders that are to die for. Some are packed up in wedding gift baskets along with other gift items.

Another great wedding gift holder, is one that is shaped like a wedding cake. Now, this is something that you can choose to make yourself, or you can get it online if you do not have time to make it. If you do choose to make it yourself, there is very little you have to do.
You can simply get three round shaped wedding gift boxes and use paper to cover them to look like a cake. Make sure the boxes are different sizes, and then put the biggest one on the bottom and work up to the smallest one. Then you would cut a small hole in the top of the cake and people could drop their cards inside.
Now, there are tons of online sites that sell these kinds of wedding gift card holders, but it is possible to make your own.

One of the most known, and most loved wedding gift holders are the ones that look like trees. For a wedding, you are going to want the tree to be white, because it will go better with the theme of things. At the end of each limb of the tree, you are going to want a little clip that people can clip their letters to. The card will then look like the leaves of the tree!

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