Home Laser Hair Removal Kit

Home Laser Hair Removal Kit – Not Yet Practical But Why?

Before we come to a decision on the practicality of home laser hair removal kits, let’s take a look at the whole issue of hair removal and see where that takes us.

Home Laser Hair Removal Kit

Home Laser Hair Removal Kit: The Condition

When considering unwanted hair and its subsequent removal, we’re going against our own natural genetic makeup. That’s ok, but there are always consequences to going against nature – some more serious than others.

This is not a fear factor tactic; rather, it is an eyes open exploration of what is the issue if and if it is a stand alone issue that can be resolved.

Home Laser Hair Removal Kit: The Proposed Treatment

In this case the treatment plan involves lasers. We are generally familiar with lasers after a half century of experimentation, but within very specific vertical applications, the results vary and efficacy is questionable.

Laser hair removal is by far better suited to the hygienically prepped medical office than to a home laser hair removal kit. This is because it is a surgical procedure that impacts the body below the skin line.

Lasers target the follicle which absorbs light and heats up until hair growth stops.

Generally successful, it is still a long-term project and is expensive and somewhat painful.
People with certain complexions, some skin and hair types are unable to use laser treatment for hair removal. Alternatives

What’s in for Common Electrolysis

Common electrolysis has been done for decades and involves an electric charge and chemical reaction to perform a similar function – stop the follicle from growing more hair. Plucking and pulling continue and it is suspected that these methods will never be stopped.

There are other less expensive methods like waxing, threading, creams and lotions – and of course good old shaving. However, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and none of them are permanent.

Home Laser Hair Removal Kit: Choose for Yourself

Home laser hair removal kits are advertised for around $995 with an instruction video.
It is a entirely a choice of someone’s personal preference, yet many folks would rather have a seasoned and trained professional doing surgical procedures on them in the comfort of a well-equipped state of the art sterile facility rather than experiment at home.

Do your research and decide for yourself if a home laser hair removal kit is right for you.
What do you feel is clinically logical, personally appropriate and affordable and what provides the best value in a safe and professional manner? Home laser hair removal kits may be the wave of the future.

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