Bagpiper band for Var Ghoda | Army Band Shobha Yatra | Military Band Varghoda | Band | Varghodo |

What is Vargoda Vargodha or Vargodo?Well, what is Vargoda actually. to be very precise, it depends upon the people organizing the function. Usually in Gujarat it is meant for auspicious occasion.

Varghodo is the Gujarati wedding version of a Baraat. vargoda or vargodha is a ritual when, when during the wedding and main wedding function, the groom reaches at the bride’s house on a horse and is followed by a number of baraati who are dancing during the baraat-procession.

This is one aspect of Vargoda. On the other hand, it is also religiously celebrated with fervor amongst the devotees. For example, in Jain religion,
mahaveer bhagwan Vargoda is carried out with great josh and enthusiasm across the globe. Term Varsidan Vargoda also identifies the religious celebration in Jain community.
Varshidaan Vargoda gives the devotees and followers of Jain religion a reason for festivity and celebration alongwith the shobha yatra.
jain community program of varghoda is a great way to explore the age old traditions of Jain religion whereever it is he only way to instill these ageold traditions in the minds of young generation. People follow the varsidaan varghoda program with great religious enthusiasm, when a Varghoda procession is carried out, numerous options are opted to make it more memorable. Usually, during Varghoda programme a army military bagpiper band service is hired, where a team of
handsome young guys dressed up in tidy clean uniforms play bagpipes along with the procession. This Diksha varghodo program takes the breath away as it is so stupendous and because it roams around the city, everyone is eager to witness this Jain Community Program Of Varghoda grand procession.

Siddhitap Program not only creates ripples of religious waves amongst the onlookers but also instill the faith and devotion amongst the devotees.
Bhavya Varghoda shubha yatra or varghodo procession gives everyone a reason to celebrate devotional faith.
Shobha yatra of Vargoda Functions are famous for all its celebrated way of devotional high. Above all, the army fauji sardar military bagpiper band enhances the aura of
Varghoda procession taken out around the city. I think you might have got the answer to the question What is Vargoda Vargodha or Vargodo?


Bagpiper band for  Var Ghoda |  Army Band Shobha Yatra | Military Band Varghoda |   Band | Varghodo |
Bagpiper band for Var Ghoda | Army Band Shobha Yatra | Military Band Varghoda | Band | Varghodo |

When people and specially devotees attends the Jain Var Ghoda ceremony, and not only attend, they wait for it for a long duration so that they could attend it and treasure these
moments for a life time. But never the less, Varghodo program is a significant amongst Jain community and they make it more grand with Punjabi sikh Bagpiper band musical performances.

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