Cost of Destination Wedding Packages in Jaipur

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Cost of Wedding in Jaipur : Basic Ideas & Tips

Are you searching for the cost of a wedding in Jaipur? There are a few tips and basic ideas about planning a wedding in Jaipur and approximate cost related to its elements. Including details about some palaces popular for destination palace weddings. So How much a destination wedding in Jaipur costs?  We have the answers…

Did you know that atleast 100-125 couples each month search and reach this topic,  who have recently thought of getting married in Jaipur? However, everyone wants to know about the expense related to a royal wedding in Jaipur, this includes booking a hotel for a wedding in Jaipur to food, catering, entertainment options, lawazma costing, shahi braaat procession management cost in Jaipur, the costing for Mehandi, Sangeet and main wedding day setup costing in Jaipur and logistics expenses etc.

So, here we are with some details relating to the expenses to organize wedding in Jaipur.

Cost of Royal Destination Wedding Packages Jaipur

Eventually, everyone wants to get the estimate of expenses of planning a wedding in Jaipur Rajasthan, while exploring and searching the hotels,  various venues,  service providers, wedding organizers and so forth.

Since I get this  sort of inquiries regularly, I chose to do a little piece about how costing works  and what ought to be an approximate spending on an average destination wedding in Jaipur, which you should  consider before bringing everything on papers and finalizing all the factors relating to arrange and manage a royal wedding in Jaipur.  Lets get in detail …

How to start budgeting for Destination Wedding in Jaipur? or how to get Cost of Royal Destination Wedding Packages Jaipur?
I am expecting you are a gathering of least 100 guests, searching for atleast 2/3 night stay  in Jaipur ideally all of you staying together, you would need a decent  5 star hotel or an exceptional  4 star hotel or even a well known reputed 3 star hotel closer to  the  venue of  wedding or if you chose to celebrate this wedding in the same hotel, the hotel should be in the vicinity of the city.  
Significant wedding celebrations like Mehndi/Sangeet/Ceremony/Reception and other small functions can be arranged at this venue or you  might be interested in  arranging some functions outside this venue, you might not have an idea of the potential alternatives for stay and venue  and set up costing for royal wedding in Jaipur.
 You might be looking for some reputed names in wedding planning in Jaipur who have been providing services for more than a decade and have a list of numerous reputed clients.

While you plan a royal wedding in Jaipur, you have to address some of the vital components relating to it. There are numerous elements you should consider:

1. Stay Accommodation Cost for Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Well, this is one significant component which can grab almost half of the complete spending plan in the  wedding event as you are paying for everyone’s stay (generally in the case with Indian families), if not, you may in any case be settling up for the stay of close family and family member only. If you are not from  Jaipur you have to make arrangements for stay in Jaipur hotels for your all guests.

2. Big Fat Indian Wedding: How to Grab the Best Deals with Hotel Booking

The vast majority of the great resorts, hotels and palaces are in and aound Jaipur.  These resorts , hotels and palaces  have tremendous Inventory of 100- 150 Rooms on an average. However the greater part of the rooms are pre-booked by the Travel Agents and other charter holiday makers who travel in groups. So, in the event that you are searching for in excess of 30 Rooms at any Resort, hotel  or palace during October March you may have issues with availability despite the fact that you are prepared to pay.

As this is the peak season for the foreign tourists in Rajasthan. And eventually the wedding season takes off during the winter mainly in November December. My advice is to start your preparations for wedding in Jaipur very early, the more early you start, you are going to get good deals. Otherwise, if you delay the booking process, you might end up settling for sub standard accommodation for your guests I hope, which you and your guests won’t like either way.

3. Things to Consider while Booking  a Hotel for Wedding Jaipur
 5 star deluxe resort, hotel and palace accommodation ranges approximately  8000- 14000 + Taxes (charge rates vary from Hotel to Hotel, yet could be somewhere in the range of 15-25% which might incorporate breakfast and services like Airport transfer by coaches or some similar things. You may even get discounts on in house services Spa/Laundry and other related services when you make a bulk booking for accommodation in hotel for wedding in Jaipur.

Wedding Decoration in Jaipur

5 star resort, hotel (Rooms, services, facilities and quality is 15-25% bargained on top of the  line) could be anything from Rs. 15000 + Taxes onwards while 4 star resort, hotel which are very few in numbers could  go from Rs. 5000 to 7000 + Taxes. Now, it depends upon your requirement of number of rooms for accommodation which decides the price.

You should hire a wedding planner in Jaipur who has a very good track record in buying bulk accommodations in Jaipur. 3 resort, hotel which are not situated near main markets of Jaipur City may range between Rs. 3000 to 5500 + Taxes which  is a decent cost to pay.

Destination Wedding Jaipur

Anything underneath this would be not upto the mark, I believe.  And I think, you will never want to compromise on the basis of facilities in any hotel at the time of your wedding, neither you want your guests to repent this decision. Above rates are substantial from October till March, while during April to September you may get 25-35% discounted rates.  

Again given the end of the season, this depends  upon (Sava ) Muhurat dates for weddings in Jaipur which becomes costlier over the year.  Please keep in mind Marriage Muhurat Dates in Jaipur are costlier for all vendors including, hotels, resorts and other service providers. So, keep yourself update with the time and start exploring the options early.

4. Why You Should Hire a Professional to Book Hotel Rooms in Jaipur?
 You may do searching and exploring Google and discover a few Hotel booking sites, where you may go over very low costs for accommodation, but,don’t get excited! These rates are commonly accessible for only a couple of rooms and large group appointments are not permitted online specifically.  If you are searching for accommodation in a hotel in Jaipur for wedding than all your search may go futile as these hotel booking sites only allow a few rooms to book online. If you are looking for bulk booking of rooms for wedding in Jaipur, you have to meet a seasoned professional wedding planner in Jaipur or directly to the hotel management. Rates may even have no cancellation and all hotels have 100% pre deposit policy.

5 Don’t try to Manipulate the Booking Enquiry:

 If you believe you can investigate the correct contacts for all the hotel to bargain the best of the deal, feel free to begin by e-mailng or directly calling them. If not, ask your mediator/ consolidator/Travel Agents or your wedding planner to do all the bookings of hotel in Jaipur at a good rate for you. The hotels have a policy not to clash the same date prices with two identical requirements. 

If you have contacted them first, your travel agent/wedding planner would not have a reasonable potential for success to haggle for you.
For example, If you have your wedding to be organised on 22nd November and ask room rates for 80 rooms. You contact the hotel directly and receive the prices 6500/- each room twin sharing (after bargaining). Then after taking these rates, if you ask your travel agent or wedding planner to book 80 rooms for you for the same date.

 The hotel will ask about the other details as well from your wedding planner or travel agent.  Believe me, they are not going to give you any less than 6500/- each room twin sharing to them.  So, there should not be double enquiry, one from your side and other from your travel agent or wedding planner. Make sure this does not happen. The hotels offer to remain an additional adult or 2 kids underneath 12 years of age in same room and charge for it.

Computation of cost is very simple.
You can calculate the whole accommodation budget yourself.
 Number of Rooms X Number of Nights X Budget = Cost/budget of stay (approx)
including or excluding taxes whatever has discussed or decided.

6. Costing for Venue, Catering and Drinks

Choosing the venue and cost of hiring venue, food catering and beverages makes the second biggest segment.  Most the 5 star hotels offer some sort of outside or indoor venue be it a  lush green lawn with a capacity of more than 1500 pax., a  lavish banquet in 5 star hotel. You can also hire Royal Palace for wedding in Jaipur as venue, this will give you a unique stylish wedding experience which you shall cherish for a lifetime.

Depending upon the hotel and which menu you decide upon Gala Lunch/Dinner, the cost anywhere from Rs. 1400 to Rs. 5500 per person (plus or minus taxes depending upon your bargains). Mostly premium hotels have the most extravagant costs for food which may not ensure the quality and taste in same extent.

So, it is advisable to go through the past events managed by the hotel or simply ask someone (if that is in your knowledge) to get an idea about the quality and food for wedding in hotel in Jaipur. Normal buffet could be anything from Rs. 1800 to 3500 for each individual.

Wedding in Hotel Jaipur

7.Package Cost  Jaipur
If you select to remain accommodated at the same hotel, where wedding event has to  be held, there is some sorts of leeway as far as getting a discounts from cost. In any case every single event could be on chargeable premise.  On an average premium venues are charged Rs. 2,00,000 – 5,00,000 for an occasion.

8. Cost of Food Catering for Wedding in Hotels Jaipur:

To compute cost of food, you should choose the number of dishes each for Lunch/Dinner and number of occasions would you host for a Gala Dinner?
Food for Mehandi function in Jaipur hotel can be bargained at a much lesser cost in comparison to the dinner for the main wedding. If you book a hotel in Jaipur for wedding you may get various options : S Most of the hotels includes Breakfast  in the cost of accommodation and Lunch is upon the deciding the number of dishes. Gala Dinner for wedding Themed Dinner can range between 2200-4500 average including excluding taxes. (depending upon your bargaining at the time of booking of hotel)

Destination Wedding in Jaipur

you can have an exact estimate by the calculating the number of guests attending the wedding in Jaipur which you are expecting for each meal.

Drinks (refreshments like Water, Soft Drinks, Juices, Liquor, Wine, Mixers and so on) , by and large couples select to pay according to exact utilization. Hotels offer exceptional Bottle rates and don’t charge per drink when it comes to the liquor.

9. Liquor Policy of Hotels in Jaipur for wedding events :
Hotels nowadays don’t permit you to acquire your own Liquor as a reason of authorizing issues.

10.The Venue Arrangement and Decoration:

This normally incorporates setting up the venue, Mandap, flower decor and other works. When you meet your wedding planner, he shall give you all the ideas about welcome passageways, Stages and backgrounds, and lighting, Table design, Props, Table materials and all sorts of design work through presentation. If you want to include a specific theme, you can ask your wedding planner to prepare it for you and ask for the estimate cost. You can easily bargain in it. But keep in mind you only hire a wedding planner in Jaipur with good repute and rich experience, who has a very good past experience and good repo with management.

Destination Wedding Jaipur

11. How to decide Wedding Theme Decoration Cost in Jaipur:
Before you contact a Wedding Planner or a Decorator you ought to do some practical examination about the style and size of layout you are envisioning. Try to reach at the venue and discuss al lthe details there only. And then ask your wedding planner to work out on the presentation. When he gives you presentation, I recommend you to reach at the venue with laptop to discuss everything to clarify all the things. This would guarantee that you are on same page while examining the spending plan and expenses. And there will be no issue remained for any doubt or confusion.

In fact this all depends upon your own taste, inclinations and financial plan, just to give you a thought it might regularly cost any place from Rs. 500000 to Rs. 800000 for the Wedding day and Rs. 2-400000 onwards for the pre/post wedding occasions.  Now, again it depends upon which hotel you have booked, how many guests you want to accommodatse, what is your menu, and so many other things.

For a 2-3 days of occasions reserving a budget of Rs. 900000 to 2200000 is good idea. This spending plan is spent over Setup of the theme, furniture, tentage, flower decoration, smart lighting and  other so many elements. If you are booking up a total hotel and want to give it a nice plush look over the days, you should discuss at least 20-40 lakhs of a financial plan for this section (100-125 guests).

12. How to Get Value for Money in Wedding Decoration Jaipur :

If you want to keep a check on your financial plan just try to  combine various events like Mehndi Sangeet Wedding Ceremony Reception Dinner in Jaipur, which proves out to be a a smart thought. You have hired a venue and be relaxed for not driving through the traffic of Jaipur while meeting deadlines. You can make sure to enjoy every function at the same place. You can get a good bargain over the booking of hotel for 2-3 consecutive days. When you are deciding on a destination wedding in Jaipur, you should keep the decoration etc to minimal. Because if you attempt to restrict yourself to a moderate and classy beautification.

13. Cost of Entertainment in Wedding in Jaipur

With availability of wide spectrum of various enterteinment services and celebration facilities in Jaipur, you can hire DJ with great sound and arrangements( But make sure they have a very good technical background.) Entertainment options vary from celebrity dancer, appearance to various show biz celebrities and other elements this ranges from Rs. 500000 to your budget for every show.  The great thing about Jaipur is you can hire folk dance artist in Jaipur for the performances as they can be accessed locally in Jaipur as its the center of Artists and performers. Whenever required this could be sourced in from nearby but make sure to check their credentials first.

14. Cost of Singer, Anchor, Mimicry Artist for wedding in Jaipur:
Consult your family  and near and dear ones about what type of shows and other entertainment activities they are looking for, during the wedding occasion. You may even have your own companions and family playing out certain acts just like mimicry or singing or anchoring etc. So, here you can save the cost of singer, anchor a mimicry artist and choreographer and find the talent within your home. However you can hire singer in Jaipur starting 8000/- onwards.  You can hire mimicry artist in Jaipur for 10000 onwards. You can hire an anchor in Jaipur for 5000 onwards and so on. Again, these are tentative rates and you can do the bargain and rates depends upon the Auspicious Wedding Dates | Shubh Vivah Muhurat.

15. PPL License Legal Permission for Wedding in Jaipur

Nowadays you require to acquire a PPL and an IPRS permit to play any sort of Music in your Wedding/Events. Your Wedding Planner or the Hotel may help in acquiring these licenses from the approved Agencies in Jaipur.  Now, It depends upon the type of function you are holding and the time duration. But keep in mind to shell out almost 25000- 35000 per day for this atleast. I personally suggest you to  get all legal permissions duly on or before time otherwise your whole function might ruin. As These authorities seize the equipments and have the right to book you over disobeying the law.

16. Photography  Cinematography Cost for Destination Wedding in Jaipur:

Today all the Indian as well as awesome International Photojournalists and Cinematographers are trying their hands in Big Indian Wedding in Jaipur. And you may even choose which one fits the bill best for you. An ever increasing number of  to be married couples are settling on this new methodology of real to life Photography Wedding Cinematography in Jaipur.  They try to get the most out of this once in a lifetime occasion and want it to cherish forever. Here you are, It is approximately Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 7,0,000 every day is practically standard rate nowadays to cover the stills and videography cinematography for wedding in Jaipur. Bigger the team of the most experienced photographer videographer you hire, the higher would be the rates.

wedding photography cost Jaipur
wedding photography cost Jaipur

I personaly feel that you should request your wedding planner to provide you atleast 3 top of the line photographer videographer or cinematographer to capture the wedding celebration.  Go through their profile, portfolio and offers and settle on it.  Drone shooting in Jaipur is quite in fashion in these days and when you hire a cinematographer for wedding in Jaipur you also get these options.

17. Cost of Candid Photography in Jaipur :
 Its better to have one group for Stills and  another for Video and moreover you can hire cinematographer in Jaipur for wedding since its financially more economical and they capture the moments beautifully.By and large the outcomes can be improved immensely. Additionally alongside you ought to pick atleast 2 additional candid photographer for wedding events in Jaipur who might do shots and ensure every one of your family members and companions are secured.  

Nearby Photographers and Video folks utilizing High quality HD Cameras can ber preffered for only pose style photography on the other hand, hire a cinematographer/ videographer or candid cameraman for all functions  which will range from Rs. 100000-400000 per day. However local cameraman for pose style photography can be hired for 7500-15000 daily basis. When you have done the specific roadmap of your wedding celebrations, you may request a package to cover the whole occasion.

18. Logistics Cost for Wedding in Jaipur:

Transportation inside Jaipur might be included from gathering the guests from Airport/Railway Station to take them for city tour and other venues.Now hire a travel agent or logistic manager to supervise all these routine. I would personally suggest you to hand this over to a seasoned travel agent so that he could take all the responsibilities at his own and you don’t have to bother about picking and dropping guests from one venue to another.  These vehicles may cost Rs. 1500 to 3000 every day (Max 80 Kms or 8 hours of running) while A/C Coaches go from Rs. 5000 to 10000 every day.

19. How to cut cost of transportation for wedding:
 Govt affirmed Taxi drop off office at Jaipur Airport is considerably more financially savvy than
employing a Taxi independently through Hotel for moves between Airport to Hotel.

20. Cost for Band Baja Baraat in Wedding Jaipur

There are a few components which would be available according to your choice, inclination and financial plan. Be it Wedding Procession (Baraat), you may request an Indian band, a decorated white ghodi for groom, a baggi, a Vintage Car or an Elephant for groom in Jaipur or might be content with a  decorated sedan. Decision is all yours, come out with imaginative plans to spare expense here.
So, everything is depending upon your budget and choice. So whenever you come up with some or other idea for destination wedding in Jaipur just let us know the general financial plan and your choice and we shall furnish a element wise budget for you including hotel, resort, palace, catering options, options for celebration and entertainment.

21. Cost of Destination Packakge in Jaipur:

Let’s expect you are hoping to have 2-3 days wedding merriments for 125 guests at a center range 5 star hotel in Jaipur Rajasthan India, you ought to in a perfect world be spending Rs. 60 to 85 lakh comprehensive.  On the off chance that you settle with a 4 star hotel, the equivalent would be diminished to Rs 40-60  lakh while in the event that you feel that you need a superior choice of entertainment or other varieties of food catering than financial plan would bounce to Rs. 90 lakh to 1.5 crore.

To wrap it up with all the wedding roadmap, in which you choose to hire a Wedding Planner in Jaipur who might assist you with all the data in details, get creative thoughts on the platter, deal with the  various service providers, collaborate with your visitors, be by side to arrange everything, (or help you taking out worth of each penny spent), you need to consolidate the expense of Wedding Planner also.

I trust, the above data would help you in finding out some rough approximation for the general spending plan and how might you like it to be spent into different significant segments on different range of elements.  On the off chance that you are as yet not very sure and wish to investigate in more subtleties
WhatsApp 7665311557 to connect to counsel.

All the best…


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