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Elon Musk Satellite Starlink Internet Speed Prices and other Details

Elon Musk wireless Internet  Service Starlink broadband is now available for pre-orders in  The USA & India. The availability is limited and the company Elon Musk as well as the CEO told the reporters yesterday that it will accept orders on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is believed to be a turning point in the Internet era where Starlink Internet Speed is more than 1GB per second for uploading.

Everything from the order to Starlink Internet Speed

 Elon Musk  SpaceX’s satellite based internet service, Starlink is available for pre-orders in The USA as well as India for $99 which is approximately  INR Rs 7300.

Those who wish to order the first of its kind Elon Musk wireless internet can simply go to Starlink’s website and then register themselves to pre-order the service which is said to be made available in  The USA  in August 2021 and in the year 2022 to Indian users. People are also asking about Starlink Internet Speed.

The Website of Starlink states that the deposited amount is fully refundable in case the company is not able to provide internet service in that particular area, where the user has registered himself to get the Satellite Elon Musk wireless internet.

What determines Starlink Internet Speed

 It is noteworthy that this is the first of its kind satellite internet service which is made available through satellites  Starlink which has been a part of project SpaceX. It is at present in the beta-testing phase. So, there may be some hampering in continuity of the service, Elon Musk wireless internet service provider company Starlink wrote on its website. The amount being fully refundable, you are on the safer side, that you are not going to loose any money, rather you have a privilege to access satellite internet service in the USA and in India. The spacex wireless internet is not made available in the north pole and the south pole.

Well, it is understandable  that due to booming internet usage  when more and more people are inclination to the internet and are somewhat bound to work from home and the use of  internet connectivity is quite crucial, or say high speed is the need of the hour.
Spacex Wireless Internet officials stated on the website that Starlink satellites are more than 60 times closer to Earth in comparison to the traditional satellites, which  results in lower latency which enables them to reach those remote areas where traditional telecom operators and broadband service providers are unable to reach.

Spacex wireless internet offers a blazing high-speed internet of up to 1 Gbps downloading or uploading speed.  Till now, spacex wireless internet gives up to 300 Mbps speed during beta testing . When we talk about Spacex wireless internet latency, it will range from 20ms to 40ms in most locations.

Now, The USA customers as well as Indian users can simply place order by depositing  $99 on Starlink’s website to pre-order the broadband connection even for SpaceX rural internet.
The process to pre-order Starlink is as follows:

— Go to the website of Starlink-
— The website shows on screen an Order Now Section
– Now, simply register yourself by entering your complete address or the area where you want the service
–  In the Dropdown, you will see a list of areas nearby your address if it is eligible for the service.
– Click the Order Now button.
– If your address is found eligible for the Elon Musk wireless internet, you will be directed to a page to enter additional details.

– Starlink is offering this service on first-come, first-served basis.
– Users will have to register all the necessary identity details as required like their first name, last name, phone number, and email address
-The Registrant will also be asked  to put in their credit or debit card details to place a deposit of $99.

So, this way you can simply. In coming days you will be able to determine Starlink Internet Speed by logging on to your account on Starlink Website.

Starlink Internet Speed,
Starlink Internet Speed

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