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Elon Musk Wireless Internet GOD!

What would be the future of Internet services after the launch of Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Internet Services

Well, this is the question everyone on the planet is pondering over, who is closely connected with the good speed of the internet or some bad experiences of the internet. But as far as the users are concerned, they are finding it a very attractive proposal.  Being entangled in tough competition, other telecom giants are collecting gathering funds to launch satellites. Ha Ha Ha! But alas! They are not as lucky as Elon Musk.

Now, there are two facets to this situation. One, the users. Yes, they are going to be benefitted a lot through this Starlink Satellite Internet Services. As long as they are not living in an area which this satellite internet does not cover.
The North Pole and the South Pole are not on the list of the probable user bases.

Elon Musk Wireless Internet…will it worth it?

Also, those who are living in such where tall buildings and trees exist, also in question, because more or less, the satellite internet service won’t work as properly as it should. Those who need satellite internet for rural areas will have to wait for a little while.
And Whoa! The God of Satellite Internet is showering blessings in the near future on you via Satellite! Elon Musk wifi God is helping everyone on the planet earth. Starlink Internet Packages are suited to budget and are pocket-friendly! Starlink Internet’s monthly cost is just $99.

We can say, Elon Musk internet project is the dream of every startup guy.

Elon Musk’s internet knowledge and understanding is quite rich and his teammates had already specified this Starlink Satellite Internet Service is in the beta phase or so-called trial phase. And they can expect some or other kind of interruption in this. So, they are playing safe bets on Starlink global internet. So, is it the best satellite internet provider in my area? Let me wait and watch.

But anyway, let us move on to the bigger question how other internet service providers will survive?

That is a really really crucial question! You can easily expect clear writing on the wall for them as they are struggling to find some solution to this but unable to. Simply, most of the Internet service providers and other ambitious satellite broadband companies will fade away or shift their direction to some other businesses. But I am afraid, there are no choices left. Even if all the Internet service providers collectively work and want to launch a satellite, will they succeed? I doubt! Share price of Elon Musk Internet Company is going to touch skies if the project succeeds as planned.

Will Elon Musk Wireless Internet Plan Succeed?

In this era of information technology, where the Internet is God, everyone wants to cash in the opportunity of being a monopolistic internet provider. But to cover the whole planet earth? That too, via Satellite is too ambitions a plan and needs infinite resources and billions of dollars to make this dream come true. Elon Musk internet plan is way too ahead of time.

I am not saying that no other company or any other person cannot do this. Yes, it is doable. It would be interesting to see how things unfold and like Elon, who is going to pump up the funds to launch satellites and scatter them all over the sky. And not to forget, the only aim of these satellites is not to provide Internet connections but they are going to perform much more functions which only the future will tell.

So, are we witnessing an Elon musk new internet revolution that will make Elon Musk the God of Satellite Broadband Internet, or say Elon Musk Wireless Internet GOD who is going to control all technological advancements?  Moreover, Elon Musk Satellite Internet Price are easy on the pocket.

So, I am too wondering when I will be able to get satellite internet in my area aka SpaceX rural internet. Actually, there will be no choice left in the future. Maybe I will have to contact Starlink Satellite Internet Service straight on. Without any doubt, musk internet is kicking off a new revolution or say incarnation. After all, SpaceX wifi is going to take over from constellation of stars to constellation of satellites! Kudos Elon Musk wifi plan!

So, thank God SpaceX Starlink internet cost is not as higher as we used to pay a decade back. Like 100 MB for $2. So be proud of using satellite internet service and also be thankful to best satellite high speed internet.  In this case, Elon Musk internet provider has emerged as God!

Elon Musk Wireless Internet,
elon musk wireless internet

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