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Acceptance is a requirement in any relationship. No one wants to be with someone who judges them and rejects them for who they are or because of certain personality traits.

Kindness and thoughtfulness are both equally important in any healthy relationship. Your partner has  to be aware of your feelings and treat you with care.

When some one truly cares for or loves somebody, they love the whole package – the physical person, the emotional person and the dreams and hobbies that come along with that person.

Conflict And Other Issues That Can Doom a Relationship

Every relationship has issues, but it doesn’t mean the relationship is destined to fail. You should try to find out about the most common issues encountered by couples and how to resolve them. Find out how to keep the romance alive in long distance relationships or when one party cheats.
Read up issues specific to inter-faith, inter-racial, and gay couples. Discover tips on handling issues associated with dating for divorcees, widows, seniors, and single parents.


As a relationship gets deeper, many issues can surface, any one of which can doom the relationship. Here a just a few of the many issues that arise from time to time. If you recognise any of these issues – or your partner does – be sure to talk about it openly and honestly:

Decision Making –

Some individuals find it impossible to make important decisions

Inactive –

Some individuals do not take an active or pro-active role in the events that shape their lives.

Avoiding Confrontation – Sometimes confrontation is necessary. You cannot ignore your problems, hoping they will simply fade away.

Time-keeping –

Try to Avoid Arriving Chronically Late and/or a tendency to not show up for get-togethers and important events.

Finding Problems with Everyone – Try to anticipate and avoid problems with everyone you meet, try to overlook slight imperfections if you ever want to get close to anyone.

Empathy –

Although it is sometimes difficult, try to truly understand the feelings of others not in similar situations.


centric and Self-centered – Try to avoid talking about yourself too much, leaving little room to remember to ask friends and family about the important events of their lives.


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