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Three Ways to Find Medical Transcription Entry Level Jobs

Medical Transcription Services Scope Eligibility Salary and Everything You Need to Know

Finding medical transcription entry level jobs can be difficult for new graduates.

It may seem like a lot of companies are looking for applicants who have at least two years of experience, which creates somewhat of a Catch-22 because how is a new graduate supposed to get experience if companies want someone with experience already?

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Fortunately, there are a few creative ideas that you can implement to help you land that first entry-level job.

Speak to your training school

Many training programs work with companies to create a type of training to career track that students can take. The first place to ask about finding entry-level jobs would be the training program that you attended. Do they have a career counselor that you can speak with?

Medical Transcription
Medical Transcription

Can they give you a reference for companies that have hired graduates in the past?

If you have yet to enroll in a training program, then it would be wise to see what type of career placement assistance prospective schools will be able to offer you.

If one school has a reputation of working with a large national company that can hire you upon graduation, versus another school that doesn’t have any established connections, then it may be in your best interest to enroll in the school that is more likely to help you land a career – even if the tuition may cost more.

If you are still in training, then talk to your training program before you graduate, it may be worth the extra initiative now.

Volunteer at Local Hospitals and Clinics

While volunteer work may not be at the top of your priority list right now, you might want to look at volunteer work as an opportunity to network. Volunteering at a local hospital or clinic can help you in a number of ways.

First, you will be able to put your medical transcription skills to practice in a real medical environment. Second, you will be able to meet health professionals who can become great references for the future. Third, any type of medical transcription experience will look better on your resume than no experience at all. And, of course, you will be assisting those who could use and will appreciate the extra help.

Find Sub-contract Work

If you hang out in medical transcription forums long enough you will likely realize that there are many successful independent medical transcriptionists who often subcontract out to others. A subcontracting position can help you gain more experience and keep your transcription skills sharp.

If you spend a lot of time online applying for jobs, then it might be worth it to spend some time in the forums and keeping up with the medical transcription industry.

If you are active, friendly, and helpful in the forums, then others will eventually take notice, and being approachable to independent medical transcriptionists who have work overflow could help you land your first entry level medical transcription job. It may not be full-time, but you will gain experience and guidance from a professional, which will be worth it in the long run.

Medical Transcription Scope Eligibility Salary and Everything You Need to Know

Looking for your first entry level medical transcription job might not be easy, but it is not impossible.

Aside from submitting resumes online to different transcription companies, try some creative ways to get your foot in the door – while it may not pay off right away, it just might create some invaluable connections for the future, and getting out of the house during an arduous job hunt it not such a bad thing either.

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