Career in Shipping and Port Management

Career in Shipping and Port Management

Shipping and port management is an important and quite complex business and it is a mishmash of transportation, materials and goods handling and storage, ship operations and safety and health management.

The knowledge of port and shipping management equips the professional to meet the challenges of the sea freight business.
That is in fact not all as shipping and port management deals with the entire aspect of packaging, transporting and storing of all the goods and merchandises.

Phenomenal growth of domestic and international trade has given a new dimension to the port management business.

With the birth of large ports, there crops up large number of issues like loading and unloading of cargoes off ships and container vessels, managing human resources as well as customs department.

Career in Shipping and Port Management
Career in Shipping and Port Management

The Important Facts About Career in Shipping and Port Management

Different storage spaces as for example warehouses, anchoring area, tugs, and berths also need to be taken care of. The proper port management effort is all about managing the said operations and also the financial aspect between the different agents who are either providing the mentioned resources or are using them.

There are few institutions in India who offer management degrees in Port and Shipping Management.

The minimum criteria for getting admitted in a Management degree course are a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Technology.

However some colleges accept students with a science and management background as well.

If you have gained a management degree in the Shipping and Port Management, you can find employment in different Government sections like the Defense, Railways etc.
Different PSU like the Shipping corporations always look out for these experienced and trained shipping and port Managers.

Not only these PSUs the private packers and movers and other transportation agencies hire these management experts so that their business becomes easy with their expertise.
Any industry that is associated with the inflow and outflow of a large volume of freight looks for experts in logistics who can manage these operations better.

For Bright Future Make Career in Shipping and Port Management

The shipping and port management experts can also find employment in international carrier companies as well. If you are interested in this domain, then you can have a really successful career.

Not every can have the capacity to manage such huge operations and the suitable candidate can easily get work in a Government department.

However the financial benefits in the Government departments are a little lower than the public sector. In the public sector the apart from a fat paycheck, there will be other benefits like house rent allowances or HRA, medical allowances etc.

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