भगवान् कृष्णा के स्ट्रेस मैनेजमेंट टिप्स

श्री कृष्णा का स्ट्रेस मैनेजमेंट | Stress Management Tips by Lord Krishna

अत्र शूरा महेष्वासा भीमार्जुनसमा युधि.

युयुधानो विराटश्च द्रुपदश्च महारथः (१:४)

Panadavas’ army was full of the great warriors. They had arrows in their hands, they were as great as Bhima and Arjuna were. The army included Yuyudhan (Satyaki),King Virata and great warrior Drupad too.

अत्र शूरा महेष्वासा भीमार्जुनसमा युधि:-

मह means great or big,

इश्वास means arrows; who knows how to use big arrows are called  महेष्वासा. It is very difficult to use arrow as it takes great strength, an arrow thrown while applying great force specifically injures opponents. These warriors possess such arrows, hence they are valiant warriors. These are not ordinary warriors. They are like Bhima and Arjuna in strength. They are adept in using armaments.


Yuyudhan (Satyaki) had learnt the knowledge of warfare (using armaments) from Arjuna. Therefore by expressing his gratitude for Arjuna he did not left his army and not joined hands with Duryodhana, knowing the fact the Lord Krishna had given Duryodhana his Narayani army. Duryodhana addressed  Dronacharya by reminding him about Arjuna’s disciple Yuyudhan and to instigate aversion towards Arjuna.

Duryodhana reminds Dronacharya that Arjuna had learnt all these things from him and he was ready to fight against his Acharya despite knowing the fact that you had blessed him with affection ‘no other person will be as great as Arjuna on the earth’ whereas  Arjuna’s disciple was standing in his favour.

(Yuyudhan was not killed in the Mahabharata but was killed during the war between Yadavas.)


King Virat was standing in favor of Arjuna. Valiant Susharma was humiliated due to king Virat and you were deluded by his hypnotic weapons. We had to flee away from war leaving his cows.

Dronachraya did not have any issues or aversion with the king Virat. And Duryodhana  thinks within mind before using the name of Drupad, it would be better to be taken the name of the king Virat so that Dronacharya might not understand his cunning-attitude that he was particularly provoking him against Pandavas.

(King Virat with his three sons Uttar, Shwet and Shankh was killed during Mahabharata).

द्रुपदश्च महारथः

Who declared in the assembly, ‘I am a king and you are beggar so we cannot be friends.’

You reminded about your friendship to Drupad while he ignored you and due to aversion he gave birth to a son to kill you. Such a person (Drupad) was standing in opponents.

(King Drupad was killed by Dronacharya in Mahabharta)
श्री कृष्णा का स्ट्रेस मैनेजमेंट | Stress Management Tips by Lord Krishna

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