How to Add Google Adsense to Blogspot to Make Money

Its a key question How to Use Google Analytics for Blogspot as announced in the SEO Onpage article , our Blog will encapsulate the content of SEO and the steps to respond so that new SEO learners can easily follow step by step 1. That is going to the end of the section. S EO Onpage . In this article, I share about Google Analytics and how to put Google Analytics on Website, Blog. This article may be a little difficult for you who have never done SEO and are not very IT savvy, but I will go into the most detailed.

Simple ways on how to use Google Analytics for blogspot

  1. About Google Analytics
  • What is Google Analytics? – This is a means of website statistics of Google. Using Google Analytics you can track the volume of searches and access to your Website through which sources and keywords. Many statistics are further detailed by Google Analytics such as: Real time, access location, …
How to Use Google Analytics for Blogspot
How to Use Google Analytics for Blogspot

As an ID attribute that provides users with a JS code, this ID is pasted into the Website, blog that we use. want to follow. Google returns the statistics of the Website that we have assigned. Statistics can be used on multiple sites with 1 ID but returns 1 common result 1 ID

Google Analytics is free or paid: With a Google account, you get a free account from Google Analytics . The paid version is probably more favorable. However, for me, using Free is enough 🙂 (I’m a bit shy when it comes to fees, probably because I’m poor :D)

  1. Install Google Analytics Statistics On Website, Blog
    To install Google Analytics, follow these steps:
    Step 1: visit . In case you are already logged in to your Google account, Google Analytics only needs you to click the REGISTER button

how to use Google Analytics for blogspot

Sign up for Google Analytics

Step 2: Enter the Web site notification you want to track. Includes:

  • Account name: the name will be displayed in the monitoring panel.
  • Website name: Website that you follow. See picture below

Install Google Analytics statistics on Website, Blogspot

  • Web site URL:
  • Industry category: Should choose the right content of your Website. This can give Google a better idea of what’s inside that Web. With Google, when it is clear + recognizes you as a good friend, it will return good results 🙂
  • Time zone is absent: In Vietnam, of course you choose Vietnam.
    You click GET TRACKING ID and be notified of Google Analytics regulations.

how to use Google Analytics for blogspot

Install Google Analytics statistics on Website, Blogspot
You click I am satisfied and get a tracking code and other admin features. Use that tracking code to paste on your Website, blog blog

Install Google Analytics statistics on Website, Blogspot
For Blogspot, it is similar to other source code websites. You can paste this code in place or whatever. I usually choose to paste it because it’s JS.
Blogspot: go to Blogger dashboard -> Templates -> Edit HTML (Edit HTML)
( Ctrl + F ) Go to and paste the code in the image above right above it.
Then save the template and you have tracked statistics from Google Analytics for your Blog.
Having fun !

Special Tips:

Unique Content
If you take the time to review all these Blogspot Tips – Best Blogspot SEO for Blogger for any blog site then this is the most important tip. If you write unique content, people who are building it will definitely visit your website and search engines who can voluntarily link back to you will have a special affection for unique content. .

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