How to stop worrying about everything

How to stop worrying about everything so, this is today’s vital problem. Everybody is struggling and wants to find a balance between Happiness Vs Stress. So, just chill. Get something to cheer about. No worries. 
Let’s know how to get rid of worries…

A saint said I hardly care about the events causing worries to me as I remain engrossed in some or other task, I’ll certainly complete the tasks in hand but  the things about which I am worried, be rarely accomplished. That’s why I lead a happy life.

Ask yourself, how many moments you feel happy in a day? Yes, I am asking about moments as it is unlikely to have persons around us, who are actually happy all the day. You can count moments on your tips, but if I ask how many hours you spend in stress, you will surely reply, ‘maximum working hours of a day. ‘

We know in the present era, the stress word becomes routine in our life since childhood. So even a child has own stress reasons, like exams, selection of dresses, stationery, sports equipment, mobile phones etc. like friends.

If you are an older one, you may have your own perception regarding public image that is the most probable reason that gives you stress. You see yourself from the eyes of others, what they will think, is what that matters much more than your own happiness and contentment.

You may be happier than others while having few means of earning and facilities, but it is your self imposed requirement to impress or convince others, your colleagues, your friend circle, relatives etc.

It means that the whole command of your life is in their hands and not in you. So be aware and have command of your life today onwards. Decide your priorities which give you happiness and contentment.

Go for an option of bicycle, if you can not afford a scooter, go for an option of scooter, if you cannot buy a car, go for an ordinary car, if you cannot buy a luxury car than buying it on loan and thereafter suffer every moment thinking to pay its installments with interest followed with sleeplessness.

There is no harm thinking big, dreaming big, and doing great efforts to make your lifestyle better, but if it is at the expenses of your happiness and contentment, then you are requested to prefer a lifestyle which can give you a happier life than a mere range of material goods, which further gives you mere stress.

Happiness is not directly proportionate to materials, it is directly proportionate to your attitude, if it is positive, full of contentment, and no external environment can make you unhappy.

Selection is yours since you produce both in the factory of you mind, choose what product do you want stress or happiness?

Let us go for option of happiness, keep smiling, remove worries, enjoy every moment. All the best.


How to stop worrying about everything,
How to stop worrying about everything

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