How To Plan A Summer Wedding

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How To Plan A Summer Wedding

People love to get married no matter what time of the year it is. However, their does seem to be more people getting married during the summer season than during other (colder) seasons. Today we are going to talk about what makes summer weddings so much fun. We will also cover some great ideas that you will want to include in your own summer wedding.

 How To Plan A Summer Wedding
How To Plan A Summer Wedding

First of all, everything needs to be colorful. No matter what you include in your summer wedding, remember that it needs some color to it. This does not mean that you need to go color crazy, because that just makes the wedding look more like a carnival.

However, try to bring in some warm and bright hues. It’s also good if you can include these warm hues on the summer wedding invitations as well. This gives the person that is coming the? feel? of the wedding. Right now, sophisticated is hot. Stick with two hues, and try to keep your space unified. Also try to use one color for a strong statement.

Yes, this means like pink or bold orange centerpieces. This is something that will stand out right away against the other color that you choose.

How To Plan A Summer Wedding

Next, when it comes to summer weddings, you cannot go wrong with laid back music. This is more fitting for summer weddings than for other weddings. This means trying to go with a pianist or a string trio is always nice as well.   
Think steel drums meets ukulele. If you can, try and work in the classic swing (big band swing) for the upbeat part of the evening. After all, the laid back feeling goes good for cocktail hour, nothing more.

Now, there are always some basic themes that go with a summer wedding. This includes the garden theme or even the basic beach theme. However, these are quite generic settings, and you must wish  to take a  personal approach to explore the look and feel you want for your wedding.
Do not just do something, because everyone else is doing it. To achieve it, just imagine of your most likable summer hangout spot. For example, if you really admire  the mountains during the summer, then think of a mountain theme.

As we have already talked about, summer wedding invitations look best when they have some color in them. Although black and ivory wedding invitations are still very classic and will work for your wedding theme, it is best to do something that is unexpected with the wedding invitations.

This makes your wedding stand out to people more when they think back on it. You will also find that more people are likely to respond to a creative wedding invitation than a normal dull one.

Necessary Tips How To Plan A Summer Wedding

On the tables you are going to want summer themes as well. Of course, you will need summer wedding favors for the guests, but you will also want some natural centerpieces. Having these kinds of centerpieces for your wedding are a sure fire way to make your wedding visually appealing to the eye.

One thing that always good as natural centerpieces are fruits. Try hollowing out a watermelon and putting the flowers inside of that for the vase. This adds both a little charm to your wedding and a new look that many people may have never seen before.

Also, remember that summer is a hot time of the year. Unless you want your guests to fry, try serving them some cold drinks. Normally wine smoothies work the best. The great thing about wine smoothies is that they are cold and refreshing, but they pack less of an alcoholic punch than something like margaritas.

Now, when it comes to your wedding cake, there is a lot you can do with it when it comes to summer weddings. You need to think outside the box that is left by most bakers. Do not just think white or brown cake. Think what kind of summer theme items you want included on the cake itself. For example, a wedding cake would look great with some fresh strawberries on it.

Not only does this make the cake look nice, but it makes it taste great too! Thus, you can say that things like strawberry shortcake goes great for a wedding cake. You may even want to fill your cakes with some kind of citrus filling, maybe some lemon or orange vanilla butter cream.

Overall, it does not matter what you do for a summer wedding, you are still going to enjoy it. However, the tips that we talked about are sure to help you enjoy your summer wedding just a little bit more. These tips are sure to turn a normal summer wedding into one that you and your guests will never forget about, and that is all you can ask from a wedding!

How To Plan A Summer Wedding

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