How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Looking for Perfect Wedding Dress Ideas? Come with us and know How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress. With full enthusiasm as your as your dream wedding is 9 months from today, your are searching for that befitting, wedding gown. Along the line, you strolled into a bridal shop and discuss with a sale person. When is your wedding day coming up? they asked you, to which you promptly replied. Well nine months from today, any help?

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Without hesitation she informed you’ll definitely have to wait for up to nine months to order a special wedding gown! Woah could this be true? You thought to yourself, a bit bewildered. Now, here is your answer: Most cases, this is not true.
Most bridal stores deliberately weave such story just to get bride-to-be like you in a frightful mood, so as to make you place an order with them that same day.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

They also do this to stop you from going elsewhere for your shopping. Well, just be calm and don’t allow yourself to be wrongly influenced into buying wedding dress on any given day. Even, if you discover the dress matched your dream, still spend some time to think over it well. You must remember this is for a BIG special day, so make sure you’re getting the perfect dress.

How? You may spend at least a day; go out with your friend or family members, over some satisfying lunch, discuss this issue with them, and allow them help you make a concrete decision on your dress purchase.

Making the perfect decision is vital because most stores don’t allow returns or refund of money, especially on special orders. In order words, once you pay for a special order, the dress becomes yours.

However, most designer wedding dress manufacturers need between eight to twelve weeks to finish your dress on special order, unless you require some drastic changes. But are you even aware you could order changes on designs? Yes its possible! For example, most manufacturers will allow you to lengthen a train, shorten a train, take off some beads, or add beads.
Now, there are other things as well related to How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress.

Also, if you desire to add or make a change, just ask the salesperson. Though not all manufacturers will give you this privilege, but some will; ask to be assured on this. Now, if any bridal store offers to deliver your dress 6 months or more, then be cautious. Vintage wedding dresses, more often than not, are purchased directly in a store. In general, they are more difficult to find, and often more difficult to modify.

As your perfect wedding dress is about to be ordered, only pay for one-half of the deposit, and if youre ask for more, simply walk away. You shouldnt pay more than HALF for a dress, when you wont have it until several weeks later! Moreover, if your wedding gets canceled (for whatever reason), youll lose only one-half the cost of the dress, since deposits on special order dont get refunded.

As an experienced bridal business owner, I know stores ask for more than half because weddings sometimes are canceled, or the bride may decide she no longer want the dress. I strongly suggest that you pay deposit down with a credit card, as this option will enable you recover your deposited money in case the store closes down or you eventually didnt place your order.

Things are crystal clear now about How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress.

But if you put deposit down, dont forget to ask for receipt, and ensure the style number, color, and size of your dress are written down on both your own and the stores copy. This ensures that you have proof of every transaction with the store.

As a bride myself, I had an experience after hours of painstaking searches in bridal magazines, I picked my desired bridesmaids dress from a store near me, but unfortunately when the dress arrived one month before my wedding, I realized the wrong dress was ordered for me. Though I got lucky as the mistake was promptly corrected, but make sure you avoid such nasty situation, by getting everything in writing.
Then wait for couple of days, call the store and get a projected delivery date, so as to be sure your dress has been ordered. But do realize that estimated dates given are not definite, because such is not feasible by human standard.

Do ensure you write this date down on your receipt, couple with the day and person you spoke with.

Vital hint: If you have plenty of time, I strongly recommend you shift your wedding date up to 4-5 weeks, as this will create more rooms for your dress to be delivered before your wedding. Personally, I ordered my dress from a manufacturer, and shifted the wedding date forward for several weeks, which allowed me abundance time to get my dress before the Day.

Another option of course is to find a local talented seamstress to create a handmade wedding dress for your perfect day. This is often done when the Bride either wants something incredibly unique, or when the Bride may have a unique body type that needs addressing that cannot be addressed with modified dresses. For bigger sizes women, a plus size wedding dress might be in order.

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