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English learning in Simpler Ways You may have read in your school time about positive, comparative and superlative degrees, in normal language or conversation how these three kinds of sentences are transformed, let us learn more. 
Transformation of sentences:-
Change of sentence and transformation of sentence are two different things.
Change of sentence where meaning is changed while in transformation
meaning of the sentence remains same as in case of the previous
sentence. Transformation of sentences makes your language and conversation beautiful so use it in your language.

•       Positive degree-simple affirmative sentence.
•       Comparative degree-comparison in sentence, use if than after
comparative degree.
•       Superlative degree-shows superiority of thing, place or person etc.
Ways of transformation by interchanging of degrees of adjectives:-
•       Positive into comparative:

2) So….As
3) No other …as…as

1)      As…As
a)      Rina is as tall as Ram.
Ram is not taller than Rina.
b)      Shreya is as intelligent as Riya.
Riya is not more intelligent than Shreya.
c)      She is as beautiful as her sister
Her sister is not more beautiful than she.
d)      Raghunath is as wise as his father.
His father is not wiser than Raghunath.

2)      So…As
a)      Ram is not so strong as Shyam.
Shyam is stronger than Ram

b)      Madhuri is not so beautiful as Aishwarya.
Aishwarya is more beautiful than Madhuri.

c)      Rekha is not so intelligent as her brother.
Her brother is more intelligent than she.
d)Madhav is not so wise as Rehman.
Rehman is wiser than Madhav.
e)Lalita is not as cruel as her friend Helen.
Her friend Helen is more cruel than Lalita.
3)      No other … as…as
a)      No other city in Rajasthan is as beautiful as Jaipur.
Jaipur is more beautiful than any other city in Rajasthan.
b)      No other student in college is as strong as Nishant.
Nishant is stronger than any other student in college.
c)      No other book in the market is as good as this.
This is better than any other book in the market.
d)      No other girl in the college is as beautiful as Rehana.
Rehana is more beautiful than any other girl in the college.
e)      No other teacher in the school is as dedicated as Mr. Sharma.
Mr. Sharma is more dedicated than any other teacher in the school.

We shall learn Interchange of positive, comparative and superlative
tomorrow, keep studying and learning. Thanks.

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