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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos steps down from Amazon! This is The Next!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos steps down from Amazon – he has something very surprising for everyone looking for as what next for this multi-billionaire?

As the world’s richest person worth a whopping $199 billion, Bezos has plenty of possible paths when he has bid goodbye to the designation of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos  a almost 2 years back on May 9, 2019,kick started his space company Blue Origin‘s space exploration lunar lander rocket called Blue Moon on May 9, 2019.

Amazonceo Jeff Bezos aged 57, stepping  step down from his role at Amazon Inc., the giant e-commerce which changed the face of ecommerce industry in only 2 decades!

On July 5th 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS) head Andy Jassy is going to take over the charge as Amazon CEO.

However, the employees working at and other AWS executive team members have a doubt that will Amazon CEO  Jeff Bezos will really leave all the responsibilities on the new CEO’s shoulders or he keep interfering in the major decisions of the company.
And yes, the aws executive team members have a point! Being the largest share holder of the company, Ex Amazon CEO  Jeff Bezos definitely will not let the other newcomers take the vital decisions!  After  all, he gave birth to a company, took care of it for a long period and after making it world’s biggest e commerce company he is stepping down. But there are something he might be nostalgic about. He won’t leave his child in others lap, if the child cries, he will definitely give directions to the new caretakers! It is that simple!

He will be now executive chairman of the $1.7 trillion company’s board. And many responsibilities lies upon Ex Amazon CEO  Jeff Bezos. Still! So, who are motley fool 35 amazons.

So, now the question is what lies ahead for the world’s richest man?

He has that fire which will never douse! He has made gigantic efforts to create a revolution during his tenure as amazon web services CEO ! New professional, who has taken over as amazon web services CEO must be wondering as what to do next! But, REAL amazon web services CEO Jeff Bezos has different plans to astonish people worldwide.

Ex amazon ceo  jeff bezos told he does not want himself to be called retired! Actually, he still has passion and fire to fuel  some satellites to benefit 21st century Internet savvy people.  He is very optimistic on the ideas of Satellite Broadband Internet Services! And 2 years back, he has invested heavily in satellite projects.

   A recent post in  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezoss Instagram reflect him behind the wheel of an electric-powered pick-up truck which was built by Amazon-backed startup  company Rivian.

Blue Origin

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has shown immense  involvement in his age of space venture ‘Blue Origin’.
Blue Origin is to materialize Amazon CEO  Jeff Bezos ‘ dream to create space hotels, amusement parks and numerous human colonies for 2-3 million people to live in orbit, which will assist to preserve The Mother Earth, by evacuating humans and transform the whole planet into a park.

 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and others will take the first flight in space capsule New Shepard on July 20, which is also a revolutionary advancement!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mentioned in an instagram post that this is like his dream come true when he is travelling to the space along with his brother. He stated that this will be the greatest adventure with his best friend.  

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also bought the Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million and is working very hard to usher the newspaper into the digital age.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is expected to continue to be playing active role into the media business.
Amazon CEO Jeff BezosVentures:

  • Space: Blue Origin
  • Media: Washington Post in
  • Entertainment: Amazon Studios
  • Charity: the Giving Pledge
  • Charity: Bezos Earth Funds
  • Charity: Bezos Day One Fund
  • Philanthropy and Climate Change – Funds
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has also acquired the MGM studios.

Bezos’ the Giving Pledge’ initiative is also noteworthy in which he has immense interest and by which he encourages the world’s richest people to give away at least half their wealth to charity for various reasons like environment and human welfare.

  So, there are many ventures, business and other sundry works, which will definitely keep Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos busy and busy and busy busy. So, what are you thinking? motley fool 35 amazons!!
So, let us hope, he will definitely make this world a better place through his philanthropic and charity work, as he has immense interest in these  areas.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos,
Amazon CEO JEff Bezos


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