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Your Cover Letter Help – Words That Can Eliminate You

As more employers go to electronic cover letter and resume scanning, the importance of keywords has grown by leaps and bounds. Now, employers don’t just scan for spelling errors, they can actually run the resumes and cover letters through software that picks up on which ones have the keywords and in the right combination that the employer is seeking.
What does this mean for the job hunter? It means that, in some cases, you no longer have the chance of being accidentally approved by the human eye of the hiring boss.

However, even if you use all of the right keywords, when it comes time to sorting through the finalists, certain words can also get you eliminated. If you want to avoid being eliminated from the pool of candidates just for some words on your cover letter, read on.

The first word that could eliminate you from a job search is “he” or “sir” or any other term that implies a gender unless you know the gender of the person who will be reading your letter.

Witing a cover letter is a responsible work.

It’s best to just use the name of the person in charge of hiring if it is available to you.

Cover Letter Help
Cover Letter Help

If not, use a generic salutation that does presume gender, such as “Dear Sir or Madame.” However, these greetings can be perceived as weaker greetings; it is much better to determine to whom you should send your resume by calling or doing some investigating online.
There is cover letter examples as well… it could be graphic designer cover letter, product manager cover letter, o anything else…So, try to be your own cover letter writer.

Make resume cover letter examples your case study…and work accordingly. Firstly go through some example of cover letter for job and deep dive into it.

Another set of words that could result in your staying unemployed is words of desperation. Many people feel desperate when they have applied for a great deal of jobs but still have not had any luck. They think that, perhaps, if an employer knows about their plight he or she might offer them jobs.

This isn’t the case. If you’ve been applying, but haven’t had many callbacks, an employer is going to wonder what’s wrong with you. Also, a cover letter should be a place where you detail what you can give to the company, not a place where you ask for favors. Few bosses will grant them to someone they’ve never met.

Avoid words that undermine your purpose by making your statements questionable. These are generally words and phrases as I believe, I feel, I think, maybe, might, and possibly. There should be little use of the word I according to Phil Baker of OneClick Cover Letters. After all, your cover letter is a sales piece and should use the word you more than I or me he states.

Along the same lines, disrespectful words will quickly have you looking for employment elsewhere. Most people know better than to be disrespectful in a cover letter, but it’s important that you avoid any chance that you might sound disrespectful.

For instance, you can ask for an interview “as soon as possible,” but don’t request that an employer take any steps “quickly” or “Immediately.” Also, always ask for a meeting, interview, or callback, and don’t make any assumptions. For instance, don’t say, “when we get together, I’d like to discuss…” This assumes you will be getting an interview, and it’s a fast way to ensure you won’t get one.

The previous example has another error that should be addressed in order to ensure you won’t be eliminated—informal language. Instead of using words like “get together,” use “meeting.” Instead of “call me,” use “contact me.”

Although some companies tend to be more formal than others, informal language can quickly get you eliminated from a callback list.

No matter what type of job you’re applying for, keywords are important.

While you want to use those that show you know what you’re doing as a job seeker, you also want to avoid mistakes, like the ones above, that could land you in a lot of trash piles.


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