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Let’s straight away discuss, How To Save On Your Wedding Budget This Best Step by Step Guide wedding planning budget  Tips Advice will be of great help to you.
Are you considering getting married this year? Are you getting excited, planning for what should be the happiest day of your life? Many start out; happy, positive and excited however, emotions soon drop when reality sets in. That being, weddings can cost an absolute fortune.

Before your know you can be into tens of thousands of dollars. Even the cost of a simple wedding can get costly quite quickly. Don’t elope to Vegan for the 35 dollar drive thru wedding service just yet. There are some ways to save on your wedding budget and still have a lovely celebration.

How to Ascertain Wedding Planning Budget 

One of the key ways to save on your wedding budget is to look at the wardrobe. One of the most expensive items is the wedding dress. If you order your dress through a bridal shop, by the time you finish with the fittings and alterations you could easily drop hundreds if not into the thousands of dollars.
This may not seem like the most romantic idea but consider buying a nice dress off the rack. If your willing to be non-traditional, even better. Dresses from retail chains, even the up-market ones are going to be much less money than from a bridal company.

wedding planning budget,
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If you feel you must have a wedding dress, again what I am about to suggest may sting a bit, consider buying one-second hand. This is a very good option for saving on your wedding budget, especially if you have someone in your family who can do alterations. There are several shops around that sell second-hand wedding dresses. There are also online merchants. This can save you thousands and at the end of the day, no one is going to know that you bought it second hand unless you tell them.

When is comes to cutting wardrobe costs, don’t think the groom is going to get off easy. He can also contribute to saving on your wedding budget. The groom could consider purchasing a new suit instead of the tux option. A new suit will make the groom look fresh, sharp and crisp for the big day, not to mention saving bucket loads of money. A new tie to go with the suit can enhance his appearance even further, making him look even better in some cases than a tuxedo.

Another way to save on your wedding budget is to eliminate the dinner. Again, this can be very costly especially if you have a large guest list. And need to rent a hall. A good alternative is to have a champagne brunch at a local restaurant. This can be quite fun as well as save hundreds of dollars. Restaurants are usually more than happy to accommodate if they have enough notice and are happy for the business. You may even get extras thrown in.

No one likes to think of having to have a cheap wedding but with the costs of dresses, caterers and food the costs soon bring us around to reality. Nearly all of us need to save on our wedding budgets is some areas. By following the suggestions in this article, you can still save on your wedding budget while having a beautiful day.


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