TESTED VASHIKARN MANTRA (अनुभूत वशीकरण मन्त्र )
There are so many VASHICARAN Mantrsa or magical words or spells ,which have the power of fascination, but most of these are locked hence does not work. The following are the mantras which are unlocked and if recited with faith and dedication give excellent results:-


” कामेश्वर अमुकी आनय आनय वशतां ह्रीं ” ं
This mantra is very powerful and if done with dedication give positive results. O Kameshwar, bring such and such a women under subjection to me. How to use this mantra:- Accompany the Word Kameshwar with the mystic”OM”. Then the name of the woman on the place of word Amuki (अमुकी) be used. This mantra is to be repeated mentally 10,000 times, counted by purified rosary(सिद्ध की हुई माला) of Kadamba blossoms( nauclea cadamoa), or those of the Palasa( butea frondosa).


The sacrifice or offering consists of burning the same kind of flowers, counting a tenth part(1000) of the number of repetition. Then the mantra -devata is brought under our power. After that take one same lower and charmed by this mantra being recited over it and give to the concerned women whose name has been pronounnced, and she will be under your control. One thing we should keep in mind that above stated mantra must be used for genuine task otherwise it may harm to the person who will try to misuse it.


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