Basic SEO Check List for New Websites

Here are some basic SEO On page factors that should follow in order to launch a website for SEO. Every website must follow these basic tips in order to get indexed daily by search engines and even reach you potential traffic targets. For a website to be launch there should be many things to taken into consideration and there might be chances to forget some important things. Let us assume that you have bought a new domain recently 1 or 2 months back and you decided to built a brand new web site in online market. Before we go to discuss about basic check list let us discuss about real-time goals and targets for your initiative SEO.

Search engines will try to imitate our human behavior, for suppose a man that you had never met him before came to you on street and asked you to be my best friend, “You will just look him very strangely”. The same thing happens here with search engines they possess some terms that makes a website well and need to know you surroundings and friends as well in order to trust you and like you or decide yours is a site that deserves no attention for here or ever.

Basic SEO Check list

Avoid Duplicity:

Do not think too much in order to design a theme for your site select a simple and creative one. Do more keyword analysis for you site that have high volume of searches in order to target and select most appropriative and relative for your web site. Target unique Meta titles and description for each and every landing page. Target social networking buttons and widgets in order to promote you brand there itself. Do need to target unique content and must be updated daily for active indexing by search engines. You need to rank for a keyword and there must be a page with content. Search Engines will rank a web site which offers searchers a valuable result.

Back links And Domain Age/History:

Basic SEO Check List for New Websites,
Basic SEO Check List for New Websites

Search Engines gives more important for the sites that have more age and possess quality back links. Search engine optimizers follow some strategy that buying an existing domain that has an age history and huge back links, keeping permanent redirect (301 redirect) for their new websites in order to attain the value it does. This may passes some value but not the age and make sure in some industries it consider as “Gray Hat SEO”.

Do not consider 2 or more websites stick to one and execute quality back links upon it. Once you have settled on a particular web site and want to build you web site a brand name it’s time to begin the method of submitting it into relevant directories and other off page techniques that you must follow. Give the preference for the directories such as Yahoo Directory,, DMOZ etc, and try to find your category based directories more. Try to avoid free directory submissions that possess nothing for your valuable work and time as they are most often free for a wanted reason.

Seo Check List
Technical Aspects:

Top Level Domain with Belonging Country Extension
Non www Extention URL’s to www Redirection
Checking With Webmaster Tools For Zero Broken Links
Search Engine Friendly Images and Sizes
Search Engine Friendly URL’s
Simple and Professional Design
Contact Form
Onpage Aspects:

Unique Meta Titles and Description For Each and Every Page
Unique Content With Daily Updates
Key Words Optimization and Research
Site Map Submissions
Social Media Widgets and Buttons
Integrating Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

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