Save Birds from Razor Blades Campaign

Save Birds from Razor Blades Campaign:

This is one of the unique campaigns to save birds from our waste razor blades. As we discard off the razor blades after use, we tend to throw them without considering that this may harm innocent birds in a different way. Visheshank is starting off a campaign to save these birds and would like people to contribute in a different way. Well, these innocent birds somewhat try to eat something out of the trash, and suddenly they encounter this sword just choking their throat. This is really cruel. This is really inhumane. This MUST be stopped. And great thing is, with our conscious efforts, we can stop this.

Save Birds from Razor Blades Campaign,
Save Birds from Razor Blades Campaign

The only thing require is awareness. You too can do this favor to Mother Nature.
How to Save Birds from Razor Blades?
-Never throw off any razor blade anywhere.
-Use a box to collect these razor blades.
-When this box fills up completely, then dispose of off it in a disposal laws in your area.
Make sure, this box is not thrown anywhere. It should be out of reach of birds.
Preferably dig a 3-4 feet hole in a deserted area or ground. Put this box in it and cover it again with the soil.
This box shall rust in a few days. By this way you can prevent numerous innocent birds from dying a very painful death.
You too can contribute.

Save Birds campaign

Spread the word.
Save the Birds.

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