Low Cost Devi Jagran Mata Ki Chowki

Low Cost Devi Jagran Mata Ki Chowki
Low Cost Devi Jagran Mata Ki Chowki

सबसे किफायती बजट में माँ भगवती जागरण – माता की चौकी Low Cost Devi Jagran Mata Ki Chowki

सबसे किफायती बजट में माँ भगवती जागरण – माता की चौकी Low Cost Devi Jagran Mata Ki Chowki

Mata Ki Chowki is one of the most important festivals in India. Devotees believe that through these celebrations, they can get rid of obstacles
and bad influence on them.
It has a rich tradition of devotional activities, rituals and traditions in ancient times were followed by people to maintain their faith in religious aspect of life.

सबसे किफायती बजट में माँ भगवती जागरण – माता की चौकी Low Cost Devi Jagran Mata Ki Chowki

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Mata ki Chowki Puja, is a popular religious and cultural fest.
The Jai mata ki chowki puja is held in a large number of temples across India,
especially in the northern part of India.
The festival is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Jagannath (Nandi Raja) back to his abode –
“viman bhumi” after six years of exile during Ekadasi (Paush Purnima).
The Holiday begins with an auspicious ritual known as Maha Mangra which takes place on Margosa
Deepam star day falling on sixth day of Navratri festival.
This special event attracts thousands visitors from all over the world who come to bring joy and happiness for their beloved ones at home or abroad.

As the name itself indicates, Mata Ki Chowki is situated in a place named Kuchaman.
The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga and lord Hanuman.
The temple has always been a centre of worship and attracts people from all over India.

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Mata Ki Chowki Bhajan Sandhya will be held at our Temple on Jagannath Puja evening.
Our Mata ki chowki party devi jagran muhurta, singers will be singing songs of devi jagran and other devi bhajans on that day.

The Mata Ki Chowki is a great event for those looking to celebrate this grand festival,
who would love to attend the mata ki chowki event in Jaipur. The Mata Ki Chowki is a big celebration of all things divine and spiritual.

Our Mata Ki Chowki party in Jaipur is a glorious event that brings the beautiful city of Jaipur alive.
This unique festival which is celebrated across India and including some other states every year is one of its kind.
Mata ki Chowki is a unique way to commemorate Lord Durga, who rides a lion and fights against the evil forces or
Rakshasas like Mahishasur in mythology.
The ritual is followed by thousands of devotees across India on the new moon day of Chaitra Shukla Navratri (also spelt as Charvaasho Navratri).
It falls on the first day of Ashwinavaar (Chaitra month). The phase begins when people stay awake through whole night giving offerings to goddess Durga, asking her for help.

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