Free Download List of Registered 2024 Presidential Candidates

List of Registered 2024 Presidential Candidates

The upcoming presidential election in the United States is scheduled for November 5, 2024. This page contains a comprehensive list of candidates who have submitted their filings to the FEC, expressing their intent to run for the presidency in the 2024 election.

To be eligible for inclusion in this list, candidates are required to submit their filings to the FEC for the 2024 presidential election. For detailed instructions on how to file, you can access the FEC’s guidelines by clicking here.

In order to qualify as a presidential candidate, an individual must meet certain criteria: they must be a natural-born citizen of the United States, at least 35 years of age, and must have been a resident of the United States for a minimum of 14 years.

Candidates are allowed to announce their candidacy at any time, but once they receive contributions or
make expenditures exceeding $5,000, they are obligated to register with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) within 15 days.

The table below presents the candidates who filed with the FEC to run for president. Some applicants used pseudonyms, and the candidate names and party affiliations are presented as they appeared on the FEC website when they initially filed.

The information in this list was last updated on July 2023, and it is organized alphabetically by first name. To see the complete list, please scroll down in the table.
2024 United States presidential election,

Aaron AvourisLibertarian Party
Aaron DayRepublican Party
Aaron GrottaNonpartisan
Aaron M. HeDemocratic Party
Aaron TaylorNonpartisan
A.C. ToulmeOne Earth Party
Adam Charles LewisNonpartisan
Adam HennesseyIndependent
Adam HollickGreen Party
Adam McBrideIndependent
Adam Michael DunnRepublican Party
Adam Michael HouglandRepublican Party
Adam Nicholas PaulIndependent
Adam OuaritiDemocratic Party
Adam Zane PatsyNonpartisan
Ade Oba OlukoreAmerican People's Freedom Party
Adrian Maurice HallDemocratic Party
Ahmad SaideNonpartisan
Ajay ThaliathDemocratic Party
Alander PulliamIndependent
Alan HuddlestonDemocratic Party
Alan SpearsRepublican Party
Albert HarshawRepublican Party
Alec Jude WilsonIndependent
Alexander David HooperNonpartisan
Alexander Joseph Sean HeidenreichIndependent
Alexander JuleNonpartisan
Alex BarrellaIndependent
Alexis Jean ClouteNonpartisan
Alice Yancy TeagueIndependent
Alida FeltonDemocratic Party
Allan Channey SummersDemocratic Party
Allen BouskaUnaffiliated
Amanda Catherine EskelsonDemocratic Party
Amanda DunavantNonpartisan
Amber ByersIndependent
Andreas LermaNonpartisan
Andre NeroIndependent
Andrew AshleyIndependent
Andrew Heartdoc ChungIndependent
Andrew Joseph O'DonnellUnaffiliated
Andrew KantorIndependent
Andrew L. EverettRepublican Party
Andrew Robert KwiatkowskiRepublican Party
Andrew SmrekerIndependent
Andrew TownsendIndependent
Andy Williams Jr.Nonpartisan
Angela DwyerIndependent
Angela GlassIndependent
Angela Marie HerringRepublican Party
Angela Marie Walls-WindhauserRepublican Party
Angela RedovianRepublican Party
Angel Michael CrockfordRepublican Party
Anita BelleGreen Party
Anna Marie CarterNonpartisan
Ann ParkinsonDemocratic Party
Ann YeagerNonpartisan
Anthony Jason HudsonRepublican Party
Anthony Jason SandovalNonpartisan
Anthony LlanesRepublican Party
Anthony ManalakosDemocratic Party
Anthony Primo DarpinoRepublican Party
Antonio GagnonLibertarian Party
Antonio Marco PantaloDemocratic Party
Antony HandalUnaffiliated
Armando Perez-SerratoDemocratic Party
Arse Vincent CysewskiDemocratic Party
Arthur Van HoutenNonpartisan
Asa HutchinsonRepublican Party
Ashaki Noni NicholsNonpartisan
Ashley PowellDemocratic Party
Audrey ConradRepublican Party
Azeem HusseinDemocratic Party
Barak ZilberbergRepublican Party
Barbara StonePeople's Party
Beau LindseyLibertarian Party
Benjamin GarciaDemocratic Party
Benjamin Scott MartinecNonpartisan
Benjamin StewartNonpartisan
Bradley Arthur SawyerNonpartisan
Bradley Scott HartliepRepublican Party
Brandon GonceRepublican Party
Brandon Hugh ParkerUnaffiliated
Brandon Jamal ShipmanNonpartisan
Brandon Lee CampbellRepublican Party
Bret PoppUnaffiliated
Brett Allen DillonIndependent
Brian CoxIndependent
Brian FriendRepublican Party
Brian Jerral WessonRepublican Party
Brian KornNonpartisan
Brian Lee WilsonIndependent
Brian MannixNonpartisan
Brian Matthew OwenDemocratic Party
Brian Patrick StackRepublican Party
Brittany A. MckownDemocratic Party
Brittany Nichole JonesUnaffiliated
Bruce BurbridgeIndependent
Bruce John KennewayNonpartisan
Bryan Daniel ProcukNonpartisan
Bryan JamesDemocratic Party
Byron K. RossRepublican Party
Caleb James GuayRepublican Party
Caleb McKeanNonpartisan
Carl ArrecheaIndependent
Carlos Antonio De Bourbon-MontenegroIndependent
Carmelo PinnavariaNonpartisan
Carmine MarranzinoRepublican Party
Carrie Mae MarcyRepublican Party
Carson LovelessDemocratic Party
Casey HardisonOther
Celina May CharlesDemocratic Party
Chad KnightIndependent
Chad LottenvilleNonpartisan
Chad S. LarkeyIndependent
Chance TrahanNonpartisan
Charles Chun PangNonpartisan
Charles Donald ComerIndependent
Charles Griffith FerryLibertarian Party
Charles Junior HodgeIndependent
Charles MossRepublican Party
Charles Todd SullivanNonpartisan
Chase LaPorteRepublican Party
Chase OliverLibertarian Party
Cherunda Lynn FoxRepublican Party
Chez MannNonpartisan
Chris Adam ValentineNonpartisan
Chris ChristieRepublican Party
Chris Merrill De La TorreNonpartisan
Christen Erika JohnsonUnaffiliated
Christian John DeMarcoNonpartisan
Christina GreathouseNonpartisan
Christine CharytonNonpartisan
Christin Noel PowersDemocratic Party
Christopher Alan SelkeAmerican Independent Party
Christopher CampbellDemocratic Party
Christopher Dennis HullUnaffiliated
Christopher FlorquistUnaffiliated
Christopher GarrityNonpartisan
Christopher GillenAmerican Independent Party
Christopher HansenIndependent
Christopher JeromeIndependent American Party
Christopher JohnsonIndependent
Christopher J. OlkowskiRepublican Party
Christopher Lee DiasIndependent
Christopher PettenaroRepublican Party
Christopher Price LytleNonpartisan
Christopher Robert JonesPeople Over Politics Party
Christopher Robert RussellRepublican Party
Christopher StriedIndependent
Christopher TillisRepublican Party
Chris WeltonRepublican Party
Clayton ResslerIndependent
Clifford BuzardIndependent
Clifford GriffinIndependent
Cody HooverRepublican Party
Colton HawkIndependent
Corey StapletonRepublican Party
Cornel WestGreen Party
Craig PaxsonNonpartisan
Crusificio GambinoRepublican Party
Dale WebbRepublican Party
Dalton Ralston EspeutRepublican Party
Damon Foster MarrsNonpartisan
Dana R. BradleyUnaffiliated
Daniel Albert OhlsonIndependent
Daniel BehrmanUnaffiliated
Daniel ClarkIndependent
Daniel Clifford BrownNonpartisan
Daniel ImperatoIndependent
Daniel IslerIndependent
Danielle Delouise DixonIndependent
Daniel Louis LevineNonpartisan
Daniel Paul FrancisNonpartisan
Daniel Robert LarsonNonpartisan
Daniel R. SchallerRepublican Party
Daniel Toby KuhnsRepublican Party
Dan KnightOther
Danny Ray VasquezNonpartisan
Dantwan Samuel WatkinsDemocratic Party
Darin JohnsonRepublican Party
Darryl Cedric WhiteNonpartisan
David BardolNonpartisan
David BarnardDemocratic Party
David BoundsIndependent
David CashDemocratic Party
David DunlapLibertarian Party
David EmersonRepublican Party
David GibsonAmerican Independent Conservative Party
David GrabenNonpartisan
David Jon SponheimNonpartisan
David KayNonpartisan
David KlotzbuecherIndependent
David Lee ShoupRepublican Party
David Michael DarnellIndependent
David MurdockPeace and Freedom Party
David RaphaelNonpartisan
David Raphael HerzRepublican Party
David Reed DeSilvaLibertarian Party
David SimmesNonpartisan
David TerpeningRepublican Party
David TuxhornNonpartisan
David Wayne TouchetRepublican Party
Dawn WentworthRepublican Party
DC JeffersonDemocratic Party
Debbie WilsonIndependence Party
Deborah SharpeDemocratic Party
Debra Vanessa WhiteNonpartisan
Dennis A. DiazIndependent
Dennis Gildon IIIndependent
Dennis James NaboznyAmerican Independent Party
Dennis Kevin Cox Jr.Nonpartisan
Dennis Lory LaneIndependent
Dennis MulinsConservative Party
Dennis Torii Jr.Independent
Dennis Vandusen-TorresNonpartisan
Deonna DieterRepublican Party
Derek ChowenRepublican Party
Desmond MooreRepublican Party
Diana ChikaIndependent
Donald Faulknor Jr.Republican Party
Donald FrayerRepublican Party
Donald Mays KjornesRepublican Party
Donald TrumpRepublican Party
Donnis GriffinIndependent
Dorsey PorterDemocratic Party
Doug BurgumRepublican Party
Doug JenkinsNonpartisan
Douglas G. HaywardAmerican Independent Party
Dustin Arron MonroeRepublican Party
Dustin James HorstIndependent
Dustin James MahurinIndependent
Dustin RorexDemocratic Party
Dykeba Lecole RogersDemocratic Party
Dylan ValentiNonpartisan
Dyron Marcus WashAmerican Independent Party
Earl DavisDemocratic Party
Eduardo UvalleNonpartisan
Edward Carlton Jewell Sr.Independent
Edward Lee BrinkleyRepublican Party
Edward Lee NashIndependent
Efrain DeJesusRepublican Party
Elbert BartellIndependent
Eliud ResendezOther
Emory VaughnIndependent
Eric AtkinsonIndependent
Eric BolinNonpartisan
Eric Jatod EdmondAmerican Independent Conservative Party
Eric Jon BoernerRepublican Party
Erick CidRepublican Party
Eric KryzenskeNonpartisan
Erick Toks EkundayoIndependent
Eric L. MortimoreRepublican Party
Eric MeiringIndependent
Eric Scott CavanaghRepublican Party
Eric WalleckRepublican Party
Erik LecknerDemocratic Party
Ernest DeeringNonpartisan
Ethan R. RichardsNonpartisan
Ethan Witzling HambyDemocratic Party
Eugene Hunt Jr.Republican Party
Evette Rechelle TippettDemocratic Party
E.W. JacksonRepublican Party
Fareed AndersonRepublican Party
Felipe RiosRepublican Party
Flory Louis SeidelRepublican Party
Floyd Neal PetriRepublican Party
Francis John MarzanoRepublican Party
Francis LorenzNonpartisan
Francis SuarezRepublican Party
Frank Castellucci IIINonpartisan
Frank J. LozadaDemocratic Party
Franklin Deleno Rutherford IIINonpartisan
Frederick SantiagoIndependence Party
Frederick Taylor PattersonIndependent
Fuad AbdullahiAmerican Independent Party
Gary DavisDemocratic Party
Gary Lambert Jr.Nonpartisan
Gavin BonneyIndependent
George BrucatoDemocratic Party
George GollaherRepublican Party
George WilsonAmerican Independent Party
Georgia Juliette Bartylla-BernardIndependent
Gerald DefeliceRepublican Party
Gerald John JenningsRepublican Party
Gerry ColemanDemocratic Party
Gibran NicholasDemocratic Party
Glenda Jo WoodwardNonpartisan
Glenn Scott Allistair SimpsonIndependent
Glynndeavin von FoxIndependent
Gott LallyIndependent
Greg Litman SembowerRepublican Party
Gregory LitzenbergIndependent
Gregory Marcus CarterIndependent
Gregory Marquis ThomasDemocratic Party
Gregory Scott Van HuisenRepublican Party
Greg WaltonRepublican Party
Halloran Leonard YeahNonpartisan
Harold DembyIndependence Party
Harrison ReinbeckRepublican Party
Harvey BrownNonpartisan
Heather Alexandra NunnNonpartisan
Heather MunozDemocratic Party
Heath R. GorneyNonpartisan
Herbert Ezekiel Zeke SmythDemocratic Party
Hope DirAmerican People's Freedom Party
Howard DotsonDemocratic Party
Howard Russell CohenIndependent
Howie HawkinsOther
Hubert Sean FranciscoIndependent
Hudson Theodore ZollerDemocratic Party
Hugo Valdez GarciaLibertarian Party
Huhnkie LeeIndependent
Hung Huynh ChanDemocratic Party
Ian NetupskyIndependent
Insley EvansNonpartisan
Irina D'AmatoIndependent
Isaiah ReidDemocratic Party
Islam Karam MossaadRepublican Party
Ivory PattonNonpartisan
Jackie KnightNonpartisan
Jackie TateGreen Party
Jackson StewartPeace and Freedom Party
Jack SparksRepublican Party
Jacob HornbergerLibertarian Party
Jacob Matthew ParkerIndependent
Jacob MeiersRepublican Party
Jacob Stephen LevineModerate Party
Jacob SuarezIndependent
Jacob Taiwo FamiloniRepublican Party
Jacob William McKenzieRepublican Party
Jade VelardeNonpartisan
Jaha HughesNonpartisan
Jamall Ali ChestnutRepublican Party
James AltucherNonpartisan
James Arthur Shoup IIIIndependent
James B. BoutonRepublican Party
James BillsIndependent
James Brandon GarretsonIndependent American Party
James Earle FudgeNonpartisan
James Everett AguilarRepublican Party
James GoodaleIndependent
James J. DunnRepublican Party
James MartinezNonpartisan
James MeroneyRepublican Party
James NixonDemocratic Party
James Orlando Ogle IIIDemocratic Party
James Paris FirmaniRepublican Party
James PetersonRepublican Party
Janet ParkerNonpartisan
Jaquan CurryIndependent
Jared HuffmanRepublican Party
Jaret GoldIndependent
Jasen Lemar EdwardsNonpartisan
Jasmine ShermanNonpartisan
Jason AlanizAmerican People's Freedom Party
Jason HersheyNonpartisan
Jason J. GambertNonpartisan
Jason John JuarezNonpartisan
Jason Michael KiddNonpartisan
Jay P. PridmoreRepublican Party
Jease GladdenConcerned Citizens Party of Connecticut
Jeffory HeathRepublican Party
Jeff PaulUnaffiliated
Jeffrey MagnerNonpartisan
Jeffrey WiebensRepublican Party
Jennifer AlamedaRepublican Party
Jennifer AstelloDemocratic Party
Jennifer GillisNonpartisan
Jennifer HidrogoRepublican Party
Jennifer Lee Ann NeyDemocratic Party
Jennifer McMurrayDemocratic Party
Jeremiah NewmanRepublican Party
Jeremy J. KluesnerRepublican Party
Jeremy KellyRepublican Party
Jeremy KinmanRepublican Party
Jeremy Shane BernheiselIndependent
Jerry Leon CarrollNonpartisan
Jesse CorsonIndependent
Jesse Dwight GladdenNonpartisan
Jesse StreeterRepublican Party
Jessica BrownRepublican Party
Jesus B. TorresRepublican Party
Jim Alexander NorrisRepublican Party
Jimmy Edward HarveyNonpartisan
Joanne NotoIndependent
Jodie SmithsonDemocratic Party
Jody Daniel KingRepublican Party
Joe BidenDemocratic Party
Joe D. ShepardRepublican Party
Joe ExoticDemocratic Party
JoeLarry HunterIndependent
Joel LarsonRepublican Party
Joe SchaufeleNonpartisan
Johnathan MerkwanCommunist Party
John BrubakerIndependent
John CastroRepublican Party
John DalyAmerican Independent Party
John DammsIndependent
John FischerRepublican Party
John Franklin WadleyRepublican Party
John Gabriel DvorakRepublican Party
John GagliardiDemocratic Party
John Gwin Jr.Independent
John KeehnerIndependent
John McGloverIndependent
John Philip LograssoNonpartisan
John RocoRepublican Party
John Roy BrooksIndependent
John SchiessRepublican Party
John VassarNonpartisan
John Washington IIIDemocratic Party
Jojo CampIndependent
Jonathan FitzpatrickIndependent
Jonathan HardinNonpartisan
Jonathan MitchellRepublican Party
Jonathan RosenRepublican Party
Jonathan Thomas BaileyNonpartisan
Jonathan Tuan TranDemocratic Party
Jonathan WesberryRepublican Party
Jonathon RamosFederalist Party
Jon CastenadaIndependent
Jon Edward StasevichIndependent
Jon StewartLibertarian Party
Jose FontDemocratic Party
Joselito Santiago-MatiasRepublican Party
Joseph Anthony GervasioRepublican Party
Joseph Arthur StetsonRepublican Party
Joseph CollinsRepublican Party
Joseph ForemanIndependent
Joseph HoinskiRepublican Party
Joseph Jay MangerDemocratic Party
Joseph Luis Gonzaga IIINonpartisan
Joseph MartinUnaffiliated
Joseph ZedanIndependent
Jose Santos CortesRepublican Party
Joshua Aron FritzNonpartisan
Joshua ChiartasIndependent
Joshua David UseraOther
Joshua GrayIndependent
Joshua RodriguezLibertarian Party
Joshua R. SchmitzRepublican Party
Juan RullanNonpartisan
Judah B. WilsonUnaffiliated
Julian Bishop LewisIndependent
Julie JonesDemocratic Party
Julie MeyerRepublican Party
Justin ByrdRepublican Party
Justin C. RobbinsRepublican Party
Justin Don PhillipsAmerican Independent Party
Justin Edward HamiltonIndependent
Justin ThompsonRepublican Party
Kacey Nicole SamplesDemocratic Party
Kandy Kaye HornRepublican Party
Karen Elaine ShaffordRepublican Party
Katie RoedersheimerD.C. Statehood Green Party
Keira Anne WalkerDemocratic Party
Keith Charles ShafferRepublican Party
Keith S. JacobsNonpartisan
Keith SmithDemocratic Party
Kelan Farrell-SmithDemocratic Party
Kelvin BrewtonIndependent
Kelvin Gerad DavisIndependent
Kerry SimmonsNonpartisan
Kevin Alexander DaviesNonpartisan
Kevin BabiczLibertarian Party
Kevin Eugene St JohnRepublican Party
Kevin GilroyDemocratic Party
Kevin Palmer SmithIndependent
Kevin TuckerLibertarian Party
Kevin WestIndependent
Khistina DejeanIndependent
Kimbery Januel BranchIndependence Party
Kristie ShaverNonpartisan
Kristopher Lee DavisDemocratic Party
Krystal KhaliNonpartisan
Kurios IIndependent
Kurry John SeymourRepublican Party
Kwame Khary BoydRepublican Party
Kyle Alexander ShermanIndependent
Kyle Kenley KopitkeIndependent
Kyle KennedyRepublican Party
Kyle WoodNonpartisan
Lance BrookinsUnaffiliated
Landrus Steven ClarkNonpartisan
Lanormaya WilliamsPeople Over Politics Party
La'Rasha WashingtonIndependent
Larry D. AzevedoDemocratic Party
Larry ElderRepublican Party
Larry JohnsonNonpartisan
Larry VanpoolNonpartisan
Lars MapsteadLibertarian Party
Lashondra Dionne WintersNonpartisan
Laurah GuillenNonpartisan
Lee Mercer Jr.Democratic Party
Lee RhodesDemocratic Party
Liam SutmanRepublican Party
Lincoln Chambers AdamsRepublican Party
Lindsay KelchDemocratic Party
Lisa Miel MatejkaIndependent
Lonnie WillsRepublican Party
Loreal RicheyNonpartisan
Loren Charles JanoskyAmerican Party
Lori Ann HenriquesDemocratic Party
Lucy Liao MasterRepublican Party
Luis JimenezRepublican Party
Malcolm Alexander-NealU.S. Taxpayers Party
Malcolm TannerNonpartisan
Marc RosenkransPeople Over Politics Party
Marcus Alexander BranchDemocratic Party
Marcus Eric ByrdNonpartisan
Marianne WilliamsonDemocratic Party
Mark Alan EberwineNonpartisan
Mark BamundoUnaffiliated
Mark Charles FitzgeraldIndependent
Mark Duane JacobsRepublican Party
Mark GrauwelmanRepublican Party
Mark Robert MarcelliniNonpartisan
Mark Stewart GreensteinDemocratic Party
Marlaina Whitney GedesNonpartisan
Marte CookseyRepublican Party
Martin BlakeIndependent
Marty Errin SniderNonpartisan
Marty MossRepublican Party
Mary ClementDemocratic Party
Mary TadesheIndependent Conservative Democratic Party
Mary Villaverde MorseRepublican Party
Mason Vicent CysewskiGreen Party
Mathew Lee TylerIndependent
Matt GuillandUnaffiliated
Matthew Austin ImholteNonpartisan
Matthew Coe BuchananNonpartisan
Matthew DolanIndependent
Matthew D. PinnavaiaNonpartisan
Matthew Duane RaseyRepublican Party
Matthew HardingIndependent
Matthew JacksonUnaffiliated
Matthew Joseph MurphyRepublican Party
Matthew MadsenRepublican Party
Matthew Walter ChandlerJewish/Christian National Party
Mattie Joy JohnsonRepublican Party
Mattie PrestonDemocratic Party
Maximillian HillIndependence Party
Melinda DaughertyNonpartisan
Melissa BiondiLibertarian Party
Melissa MilhornIndependent
Michael Alan VivrouxRepublican Party
Michael AndersonNonpartisan
Michael BanksVeterans Party of America Party
Michael BannonRepublican Party
Michael BickelmeyerRepublican Party
Michael BusaUnaffiliated
Michael CarrProgressive Party
Michael Charles StollRepublican Party
Michael ClarkAmerican Independent Conservative Party
Michael CurtisRepublican Party
Michael David AnthonyIndependent
Michael D'OttavioDemocratic Party
Michael D. SwingDemocratic Party
Michael Edward JorgensenIndependent
Michael FloydOther
Michael GaulConservative Party
Michael HarbourNonpartisan
Michael HoodIndependent
Michael Jeffrey RuohoRepublican Party
Michael JenkinsNonpartisan
Michael LandinghamDemocratic Party
Michael LemonConservative Party
Michael Matthew GibbonsRepublican Party
Michael MoriniNonpartisan
Michael NoonanDemocratic Party
Michael PalmerRepublican Party
Michael Robert FuscoNonpartisan
Michael SigmonProgressive Party
Michael SoetaertDemocratic Party
Michael SteinbergDemocratic Party
Michael TillinghastDemocratic Party
Michael W. BarbineNonpartisan
Michael WoodProhibition Party
Michael ZayasIndependent
Michele Lynn JakubowskiRepublican Party
Michelle A. MiserIndependent
Miguel RosalesNonpartisan
Mike LedbetterRepublican Party
Mike MartiskoOther
Mike PenceRepublican Party
Mike ter MaatLibertarian Party
Mikey LaneDemocratic Party
Mitchell EbataNonpartisan
Mohammad KabirOther
Monique Laurette SpaldingRepublican Party
Morris ThompsonUnaffiliated
Mykal AnstromIndependent
Nancy Elizabeth RodriguezDemocratic Party
Naresh VissaFreedom Party
Natasha JonesNonpartisan
Nathan Douglas KellyRepublican Party
Nathan J. Vaught Jr.Libertarian Party
Natia Langston-ValenzuelaIndependent
Nicholas BillerNonpartisan
Nicholas GrayNonpartisan
Nicholas Joseph Rains AnoaiRepublican Party
Nicholas LanceIndependent
Nicholas LuppinoIndependent
Nicholas MantanonaOther
Nicholas ParhamIndependent
Nicholas Samuel GonzalesRepublican Party
Nick MarksNonpartisan
Nicolae BuneaDemocratic Party
Nikki HaleyRepublican Party
Nikolette HastingsIndependent
Nita Mildred RiceDemocratic Party
Obioku Bassey ObotetteRepublican Party
Omar Jamil BoulosNonpartisan
Paij BoringRepublican Party
Pamela M. Pinkney ButtsOther
Pamela RockerIndependent American Party
Patricia NicklausRepublican Party
Patrick BeckNonpartisan
Patrick ChapmanNonpartisan
Patrick Darnell AndersonNonpartisan
Patrick Dean JohnsonIndependence Party
Patrick Henry FourrouxRepublican Party
Patrick RileyRepublican Party
Paul Alexander BravoRepublican Party
Paul B. CollingwoodNonpartisan
Paul CataneseIndependent
Paul ManionIndependent
Paul Matthew BroughIndependence Party
Paul Robert MillerRepublican Party
Pedro J. VelezDemocratic Party
Perry JohnsonRepublican Party
Peter QuagliaNonpartisan
Peter SharmaNonpartisan
Peter SonskiNonpartisan
Phillip Bryan KleskiDemocratic Party
Phillip DrakeIndependent
Phillip EmersonIndependent
Pogo Mochello Allen-ReeseRepublican Party
President BoddieIndependent
Preston Tyler StruveRepublican Party
Princess Khadijah M. Pres Jacob-FambroIndependent
Quartterrio MorganAmerican People's Freedom Party
Rachel Adams EdwardsNonpartisan
Rachel Hannah SwiftRepublican Party
Rafael JonesRepublican Party
Ralph Anthony PelusiRepublican Party
Ralph TingleResource Party
Ramon NavarroNonpartisan
Ramon William TrippNonpartisan
Randall WickDemocratic Party
Randy GerberRepublican Party
Randy TolerGreen Party
Raoul KennedyNonpartisan
Raylon WaitsRepublican Party
Raymond Dude WagnerLibertarian Party
Raymond Lynn StahleNonpartisan
Rebecca Gail AbairRepublican Party
Reece Wright-McDonaldRepublican Party
Regina D. DiSilvestroIndependent
Richard Allen KentIndependent
Richard Blake RogersRepublican Party
Richard C. HoeferRepublican Party
Richard C. McsorleyRepublican Party
Richard CurtissRepublican Party
Richard Hale NelsonDemocratic Party
Richard James CaseyNonpartisan
Richard John WaltersIndependent
Richard Kale FitzgeraldNonpartisan
Richard Lee MathesonNonpartisan
Rick ChavezDemocratic Party
Rico Cortez DukesAmerican Independent Party
Riki PradoDemocratic Party
Robert Allen Weeks Jr.New Alliance Party
Robert Carlos AyalaDemocratic Party
Robert ChapmanNonpartisan
Robert Cooke IVGreen Party
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Democratic Party
Robert Francis LungoIndependent
Robert HumphreyIndependent
Robert Ion MoldafskyDemocratic Party
Robert James WalkerCommunist Party
Robert JordanDemocratic Party
Robert LeeIndependent
Robert Lewis WardRepublican Party
Robert MaloneRepublican Party
Robert McMurrerIndependence Party
Robert Michael BeckerDemocratic Party
Robert Michael DuncanRepublican Party
Robert SherwoodRepublican Party
Robert WellsIndependent
Robert Wendell SmithIndependent
Robin MitchellIndependent
Rocky Dean CrawfordNonpartisan
Rodger Lee RooseDemocratic Party
Rod MackIndependent
Rodney Lee LammersRepublican Party
Rodolfo Pina Jr.Nonpartisan
Roelin Lee DavisNonpartisan
Roger Lee HughesRepublican Party
Roger WeltonAmerican Independent Conservative Party
Roland Kwadwo Dela AgorkleDemocratic Party
Rollan RobertsRepublican Party
Romero Awtro CrawfordIndependent
Ronaliseya Renea StoudemireIndependent
Ron DeSantisRepublican Party
Ron S. BullDemocratic Party
Royce Marie PattonNonpartisan
Russell DeLeonLibertarian Party
Russell HenryRepublican Party
Ryan BinkleyRepublican Party
Ryan David NovakRepublican Party
Ryan KocakNonpartisan
Ryan McCartyDemocratic Party
Ryan P. KirkpatrickDemocratic Party
Ryan Stephen EhrenreichRepublican Party
Sae Hoon ParkDemocratic Party
Sahmon MustafaDemocratic Party
Saint Jermaine EndeleyDemocratic Party
Samantha HendrickIndependent
Sam DependahlUnaffiliated
Sammy GarretIndependent
Samuel B. HoffIndependent
Samuel D'AmicoDemocratic Party
Samuel Levi HurtRepublican Party
Samuel Lyndell PowellIndependent
Saul Remi HernandezRepublican Party
Saundra Lou EdgellIndependent
Scott Aiden GardnerIndependent
Scott Alan StratmanRepublican Party
Scott Allen HimrodNonpartisan
Scott Conroy PalmerNonpartisan
Scott Earnest SaundersAmerican Independent Conservative Party
Scott MerrellRepublican Party
Scott Milam TownsendRepublican Party
Scott Preston SchaferRepublican Party
Scott Wayne NelsonIndependent
Sean McGuireDemocratic Party
Sebastian StewartRepublican Party
Serrice HolmanRepublican Party
Seth StewartDemocratic Party
Sexy VeganNonpartisan
Seymour Art LeeLibertarian Party
Shabadjot BhararaDemocratic Party
Sharon E. BrooksIndependent
Shaun SavageRepublican Party
Shawna Lyn MccallisterRepublican Party
Shawn AsberryRepublican Party
Shayne Matthew RobinsonNonpartisan
Shear'Ree Shear'ReeIndependent
Sheila RobinsonIndependent
Shekinah Hopkins FaulknerRepublican Party
Shelley Faye HolyRepublican Party
Shiloh ShilohAmerican Independent Party
Shinae AhnDemocratic Party
Shiva AyyaduraiIndependent
Shmuel GoldsteinRepublican Party
Shondra Y. IrvingIndependent
Shontrell JohnsonRepublican Party
Simone DicksonNonpartisan
Skyles Fitzgerald McAuleyDemocratic Party
Sorinne ArdeleanuIndependent
Spencer BrandkampNonpartisan
Stanley Clint BeattyRepublican Party
Stefan LoweRepublican Party
Stephanie Noelle DennyRepublican Party
Stephen Alan LeonDemocratic Party
Stephen Bradley Comley Sr.Republican Party
Stephen GlassRepublican Party
Stephen Paul MurphyDemocratic Party
Steve LaffeyRepublican Party
Steven FleckDemocratic Party
Steven HudsonDemocratic Socialists of America
Steven KrossRepublican Party
Stuart FarberDemocratic Party
Susan ReschRepublican Party
Suzzanna V. TannerIndependent
Sykema PowellDemocratic Party
Talalupe Fonzie VavaoRepublican Party
Tamerlane BeyIndependence Party
Tamiko PowellIndependent
Tanya PearsonIndependent
Tara FrostNonpartisan
Taylor SullivanUnaffiliated
Ted SniderRepublican Party
Temperance Lance-CouncilNonpartisan
Terrance AbrahamIndependent
Terrance James HarveyRepublican Party
Terrisa Lin BukovinacDemocratic Party
Terry WilkersonNonpartisan
Tevin HandfordLiberal Party
Thomas A. BentleyRepublican Party
Thomas CoatsNonpartisan
Thomas DalyDemocratic Party
Thomas Edward BurtonIndependent
Thomas EricksonNonpartisan
Thomas Francis WinterbottomDemocratic Party
Thomas James KiddIndependent
Thomas Salzillo JamesNonpartisan
Thomas SheppardRepublican Party
Tiffany Gayle KellerDemocratic Party
Tiffany Shawn FordIndependent
Timothy BaxNonpartisan
Timothy Charles KalemkarianRepublican Party
Timothy Joseph CyrIndependent
Timothy Michael VillariRepublican Party
Timothy Neil RushingConstitutional Party
Timothy Paul Jackson Jr.American Independent Conservative Party
Timothy RachalRepublican Party
Timothy R. MillusNonpartisan
Tim ScottRepublican Party
Tina Jayne HahnRepublican Party
Tina RoseIndependent
TJ ElginIndependent
TJ WallaceRepublican Party
Toby MartiniIndependent
Todd J. AshcraftDemocratic Party
Tommie Lee Allen IVNonpartisan
Tonya Michelle JenningsNonpartisan
Tony JonesReform Party
Tony ZorcIndependent
Traci Ann SandrickRepublican Party
Travis Keith LangRepublican Party
Trenita WalkerDemocratic Party
Turok JonesUnaffiliated
Tyler GrayGreen Party
Tyler RathbunUnaffiliated
Tyrone JamisonRepublican Party
Valentine VidalDemocratic Party
Valerie ColemanRepublican Party
Valma Kitt PaulRepublican Party
Vanderelmo James Acevedo DiazNonpartisan
Van KentIndependent
Victoria Dawn ZiegDemocratic Party
Vincent CordovaIndependent
Vincent WallaceAmerican Independent Conservative Party
Vivek RamaswamyRepublican Party
Walter Douglas ClappRepublican Party
Washington BlaskRepublican Party
Wayne J. VillinesDemocratic Party
Wayne PopeDemocratic Party
Wenona GardnerIndependent
Wesley Todd InselmanIndependent
Whitney MedearisDemocratic Party
William Anderson BeaufordRepublican Party
William Anthony FeraCommunist Party
William Cody NalbachNonpartisan
William FarmsIndependent
William GaileyDemocratic Party
William G. JacksonIndependent
William HurdRepublican Party
William LambertNonpartisan
William Robert ConnorsNonpartisan
William WallaceIndependent
Willie CarterDemocratic Party
Willita Bush-BoydIndependent
Wilson JackNonpartisan
Wisdom Zerit TeklayNonpartisan
Wyatt EndresIndependent
Yehanna Joan MaloneRepublican Party
Zachary KruegerNonpartisan
Zachary Michael BurellUnaffiliated
Zane BaizeUnaffiliated

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