Toenail Health

Let’s Check Toenail Health

While sinking into the process of spring renovation, we sometimes even don’t know what to do first of all. If we concentrate our attention completely on hair, then often skin starts peeling and reddening.
If we start thinking about excess kilograms on waist and hips, then we completely forget about exfoliating nails…

How to Keep Toenail Health Intact

Well, today there are simple ways to deal with nails – you always can hide defects under a coat of brighter and stronger enamel.
However, another trouble expects you here: defective nails come through additional stress under a thick coat of enamel and will avenge you with bigger problems in a while.

So, what to do? Many experts in the area of female beauty consider:

the first thing other people pay attention to, – are our hands.

What can we count for, if we frighten them with broken nails and agnail since first moments?

First of all, you should remember, that lots of seasonal beauty problems are solved in complex, while general support of organism. For this you need good nutrition, a course of poly-vitamins, good sleep, and absence of stresses (or, at least your sincere wish to avoid them and reduce their harmful influence).

Besides, you need just to take care of you right in these off-season days. If this concerns your hands, then spare them and use, say, household chemical goods less.

Careless attitude to nails can lead to various problems – from purely aesthetic to serious ones. The matter is that nails have rather complicated structure, which many of us don’t even suspect of.
Their upper layer consists of keratin and calcium, middle – of soft keratin, inner – of a so-called keratin of a nail bed.

While wrong care and absence of necessary nutritive materials exfoliation of all these 3 “floors” begins.

Too intensive care without considering such delicate structure also can lead to unpleasant after-effects, which cannot be hidden under any bright enamel.

Toenail Health is in Your Hands…

However, such troubles can be not seasonal, if you are too careless of your hands. And in spring we face a certain series of problems, and we should be ready for it.
We have already told about one of the main ones – exfoliation of a nail plate. The reason is usually in lack of connecting materials between layers of a nail.
And we should (and need) struggling with trouble using various methods. This is normal nutrition, careful usage of household chemical goods (on no account use nail enamel remover, containing acetone).

However, there are also special cosmetics, which will help you to cope with this rather unpleasant event. Use keratin and calcium bases under enamel, nutritive creams and baths for sure.

Brighten Your Toenail Health…

Another constant trouble – soft nail plates – can be also redoubled with coming of spring beriberi. In general, such troubles are caused by heredity and follow us during whole life.

Knowing about it (it’s enough to look at your parents’ hands, and not necessarily of a mother’s), you need to treat your hands especially carefully. During potentially dangerous periods, when organism is impaired, danger increases. In particular, you shouldn’t expose your hands to long influence of alkaline preparations and even usual water.

To make such nails look better, you should use so-called diamond base under enamel, which makes nails harder while drying. You can also use various keratin complexes, and also carry out modeling of nail plates with help of special gels.

Problem, which can be solved easier, – are known to everyone agnails.
Dryness of skin around nails provokes their appearance. Timely care, constant moistening and nutrition of skin cope with this problem easily.

Take Care of Your Toenail Health

Well, appearance of cross furrows says that there’re some troubles in your organism. This can be a sign of wrong nutrition, defect of metabolism, breaks in work of alimentary canal, blood diseases.
So, the first thing you should do – is to visit a doctor. From the point of view of beauty and aesthetics, usage of a correcting gel, which smoothes out surface of nail plate, can be a temporary decision.

If you feel your nails need reconstruction and strengthening with spring coming, there’s a certain procedure for this. First of all, they apply softening remedy on cuticle, even edges, remove agnails.
Then it is necessary to carry our degreasing of a nail plate.

Special sticks are used for this (by the way, it is better to buy manicure instruments in special salons for professionals, this provides you with guarantee of quality and will not lead to disastrous effects for your nails). You can give also form to your nails with this universal nail-file. And in good salons you can be offered a procedure, which will allow you to carry out degreasing of a nail plate from within.

A thin layer of a special keratin base is applied to strengthen nails. This base can provide also medicinal effect, but sometimes it pursues merely aesthetic purposes. For smoothing of a nail surface they apply a gel of natural or cream color and then polish it with same universal nail-file.

Then a strengthening material is applied, which also hides significant defects – furrows, spots. Depending on your further interests, such materials can be either mat or glossy.

Healthy Nails:

Toenail Health

In the end of a restoration procedure you can apply a moistening or nutritive cream on skin around nails, which will increase its elasticity and allow forgetting at least about agnails for a while. Experts recommend extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves to be included in mixture of these preparations.

This plant, growing in South-East Asia, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries. It has sedative, rejuvenating, regenerating elasticity, antloxidant characteristics. For Healthy Nails…vaseline hand and nail cream can also be used.

And the last thing. It is considered that an adult’s person nail grows on average 0,5-1,2 mm during a week. So such procedures should become constant and usual for you. Even you can use vaseline healthy hands stronger nails. vaseline healthy hand and nail conditioning lotion is ideal for it.

Welcome Toenail Health…

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