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Hirsutism Excess Hair Growth in Women Symptoms Causes PCOS Treatment

Unwanted Hair Growth in Females Hirsutism Symptoms Causes PCOS Treatment

Hirsuitism is simply a medical term for excess body or facial hair in women. It can be described as a male hair growth pattern or distribution on a female body. It usually begins around puberty, but mild hirsuitism can start at any age. Most women do not realize how common their problem is.

What causes Hirsuitism?

Hirsuitism is almost always the result of the excessive effect of androgens on the hair follicles. This could be caused by:

Hirsutism: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

  1. The use of male hormones and medications with androgen effects. (E.g. steroids)

2 .Androgen producing ovarian tumors. Hirsuitism progresses rapidly and if left untreated, it leads to masculinization (loss of scalp hair, voice changes, and male body habits).

Unwanted Hair Growth in Females Hirsutism Symptoms Causes PCOS Treatment

Unwanted Hair Growth in Females Hirsutism

  1. Polycystic ovarian disease – women suffering from this are obese, hirsute and has irregular and irregular menstrual cycles. This is because women in this condition stop ovulating it is often referred to as Anovulation Syndrome.

4 .Cushings Syndrome – This condition is the consequence of an excess production of corticisteroids in the adrenal gland. Many of these corticosteroids are androgens and so why stimulate hair growth.

Hirsutism Unwanted Hair Growth in Females Treatment

  1. Growth of excess hair on the face area, especially on the upper lip and chin. or facial hair growth in pcos. Sometimes it is female hair growth chin

2 .Loss of hair on the scalp and the fronto-vertex region in women.

What Are The Available Remedies?

Unwanted Hair Growth in Females

Bleaching, Shaving, Plucking, Threading, Waxing, Depilatory creams, Electrolysis. there are creams for hirsutism. pcos unwanted hair growth is the first symptom of it.

Latest Treatment of Hirsutism

An herb called Oleum Jacoris has shown great results in treating the problem. Also laser therapy is proving to have promising results, though long-term testing is needed to confirm this. You can also go for best homeopathic medicine for hirsutism.
There are also homeopathic treatment for hirsutism available. hirsutism treatment in pcos is very common these days…

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