Complete Guide to Making Your Wedding Guest List

How To Prepare The Wedding Guest List? Get to know Complete Guide to Making Your Wedding Guest List. This is very important.

Complete Guide to Making Your Wedding Guest List

The process of wedding planning ought to start with the creating wedding guest list. Prepare it keeping in mind that it will fluctuate. Think carefully while making the wedding guest list. All the other elements of planning like venue, food, and sundry elements are closely associated with the wedding guest list. It is the heart and soul of the wedding. Try not to disappoint your near and dear ones. Keep the budget in mind when you frame the wedding guest list.

It is very difficult to prepare a wedding guest list. Your mother will be eager to invite all her friends, your father will be interested in inviting all his colleagues and then will be all your friends and co –workers waiting to get an invitation. So preparing a wedding guest list is a mammouth job.

When you increase the wedding guest list; the cost of the wedding keeps escalating. You will need a bigger venue, more food and everything else in excess. So preparing a considerate wedding guest list will help you minimize this expenditure in your wedding.

When preparing your wedding guest list, make two separate lists. The must invites and the would like to invites. When people from the first list will not be attending, then you can send invitations from the second list. While preparing the wedding guest list if you feel hesitant about inviting someone, then you are not close to them .so you can avoid including them in your must invite wedding guest list.

If a person has invited you to their wedding, does not imply that you have to include them in the wedding guest list of yours. They possibly had a bigger budget or their family is small.

When you send out your invitation, you must number your wedding guest list. And then behind the RSVP cards write the number that corresponds to that particular guest. Sometimes people forget to write their names on the RSVP cards. This way you will be able to check the name from your numbered wedding guest list.

Always remember that you have to cut down the wedding guest list to a manageable size. You can remove distant relatives from the wedding guest list who you do not remember and also you can remove a few friends who have not been in touch for long.


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