Guide to Diamond Solitaire Semi Bezel Engagement Ring

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Diamond Semi Bezel Set Rings
When a gemstone has been placed in a full-bezel setting, the metal setting encircles the gemstone. When a jeweler makes one of the diamond semi-bezel set rings, the diamond metal setting goes around only portions of the diamond.

A bezel setting protects the edges of a diamond. A bezel setting can hide chips in a diamond. Diamond semi-bezel set rings make an excellent gift for someone with a very active lifestyle, and can also enhance the appearance of a less than perfect diamond.

Guide to Diamond Solitaire Semi Bezel Engagement Ring

A semi-bezel setting reveals more of a diamond. A skillful jeweler can have the setting reveal the diamonds best features. Someone who owns a diamond that is ready to go into a ring setting should consider the semi-bezel setting. Such a setting also goes by the name partial bezel and half-bezel.

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A bezel setting does not need to create a circular pattern. A bezel setting can hold a gemstone within a square or diamond-shaped pattern. In a partial bezel setting, the angles of a square or a diamond would be the logical place to put pieces of the metal holder. The jeweler would not want to expose the corners of a gemstone.

This type of crafting is often found in diamond engagement rings.

The diamond semi-bezel set rings often have more than one diamond. Sometimes the center diamond is surrounded by pave set diamonds. The pave set diamonds are flush with the material that surrounds the central diamond.

A bezel set ring does not need to have only one bezel setting. Such a ring might have three or four diamonds, each in a bezel setting.

A jeweler might even put a circle of pave diamonds around each diamond. In that way, the jeweler could create a flower-like structure on the top of the ring.

A bezel set ring does not need to be fashioned from white gold. A setting can be designed using yellow or rose gold. A jeweler might elect to use yellow or rose gold if the stone in the bezel setting contains a reddish hue. Yellow and rose gold can help a ring wearer to show-off a red gemstone.

Diamond semi-bezel set rings are usually made with white gold or silver. Platinum diamond wedding rings of this style are all also possible.
The added touches in such rings come from the addition of smaller diamonds. Such diamonds might pave a ring of crystal that lies below the raised metal of the setting. The brilliance of the paving then supplements the brilliance of the central diamond.
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