Destination Wedding in Europe

How to Marry in Europe? This is the most suitable question and we have the answer. Benefits of Destination Wedding in Europe Advice by Wedding Planner. Read on.

Old World Weddings, How to Marry in Europe is one of the most fascinating places on earth, especially for weddings. This compact continent prides itself for some of the world’s most beautiful backdrops and functions & ceremony venues, from French chateaus to medieval-era castles. An unlimited array of amalgamation of varied cultures (packed into an area smaller than the continental adds a unique flavor and super uniqueness to every overseas experience.

Why Destination Wedding in Europe is so popular

Destination Wedding in Europe
Benefits of Destination Wedding in Europe Advice by Wedding Planner

Nowhere else in this world can a simple train ride take you from a unnoticed Roman ruin to a Mediterranean cliff to an Irish pub.Wow. Isn’t that amazing!

Despite Europe’s many draws, the legal requirements for wedding ceremonies can be a bit complicated, involving anything from extensive residency periods to document translation. Deal with this in one of two ways: Hire a well-versed coordinator who can walk you through everything, or tie the knot legally at home and throw a symbolic fete in your desired locale afterward.

Let’s know more about Destination Wedding in Europe

Whether you opt for a civic or symbolic ceremony, any bride is well advised to consult a planner for help with the details. But with a wealth of planners who specialize in each region, should you look for one from your hometown or one based in your locale? “

That depends on what type of ceremony you envision,” says Raaghav Aroraa, owner of Planet Celebration™, a boutique wedding-design company in India. Are you a stickler for details, with concrete ideas of what you want? Then go with a stateside planner. A planner will provide you with a wedding that will be similar in style to what you will see in their portfolio,” he says. “Most often, we are hired by a bride who has a certain style and wants to make sure it’s implemented in a chic, sophisticated way.”

If your focus is less on the ceremony and more on the experience, consider planners based in your locale. What they lack in understanding of the American wedding market, they should more than make up for with on-the-ground experience with procedures and vendors.

Wherever your planner is based, look for someone who has arranged a number of weddings in your chosen location. A European planner should specialize in destination weddings and have worked with many American couples, while a stateside planner should have coordinated successful events in your specific region and have experience in handling the legalities … even if you don’t plan to do it legally yourself.
Remember, always ask for references and speak to previous clients who have used their services.

As for where to hold your event, the entire continent awaits. “For several years, Italy was the number-one choice for European weddings,” says Raaghav. “But couples are starting to look to Spain, Scotland even Austria and the Czech Republic.”

Wherever you go, trust your instincts. “There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding,” says Raaghav author of Wedding Planner Kaise Banein (Hindi) and owner of Planet Celebration™, an exclusive planning company in India, . “In this culturally diverse planet, it’s very vital to host a celebration that reflects who you are as a couple.”

Read on to learn about weddings in three of the most popular European destinations — Ireland, Italy and Greece — plus a handful of other locales you may not have considered.

We’ve provided a simplified version of legal wedding requirements for each country. But as rules can change and requirements often vary from town to town, check the individual government website for your desired locale to be sure you have the most current info available.

Destination Wedding in Europe is easy now…
Learn more about Benefits of Destination Wedding in Europe Advice by Wedding Planner


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