How to Choose the Right Wedding Veil Style Guide

Wedding Veil Style are important to consider for a bride. Let’s talk about How to Choose the Right Wedding Veil Style Guide.

This is a short, single veil worn over the bride’s face before the ceremony. During the wedding ceremony, it is lifted back over her head. Approximately 20″ to 24″ long, this blusher veil may also be paired with a longer veil which cascades down the back of the bride’s gown.

Fly Away
This veil features multiple layers that gently brush the bride’s shoulders. Ideal for an informal wedding gown, this veil is an excellent choice for brides who want to highlight the details on the back of the wedding gown. With a length up to 18″, the flyaway veil is also suitable for shorter, ankle length gowns.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Veil Style Guide

Finger Tip
As the name suggests, the length of this veil rests at the bride’s fingertips when her arms are relaxed at her sides. The fingertip veil ranges in length from approximately 29″ to 45″.

The length of this ballet veil falls between the bride’s knees and her ankles, approximately 60″ in length.


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