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Career Counsellor Advice on Career Change Mistakes to Avoid

If you have really decided to bring a break with a plan into your career, you might have not to face a long period of time. But it still can take a couple of months to be shifted.

But if you do not have a strategy before you bring a change, it might take long period.
So it is essential to plan a career change to avoid career change mistakes.

Career Counsellor

Keep your career separate from your job. Job and career both are different elements so do not combine them together. An employer may be a wrong place for you where you are working, but not the profession you are working in.
Do not create a situation that an insufficient job makes you to reconsider for a career change.

The whole world’s money is not enough to bring pleasure to you when you are in trouble or the current situation you are not happy with.
Those who are not able to earn a satisfied amount bring change into their career. But it is not a good idea. Be careful to turn you field into another just because the other employer offering you more than the current one.

If you have decided to change the current career, it is not as easy as you think. Even a sudden career change brings forth to you new challenges.

Do not make others to overcome on your mind. If you seem your job satisfying then never change it. Most people change their job just for other’s comment on it whether it is good or not.
Do not let others interfere into your career decision. Choose your career path that suits best to you. You can take suggestions but not decisions. Take suggestions and make your own decision because it is your career and the choice must be yours.

Naturally people are of different mind. Most of the people compare themselves to others. Some people change their career when they see his friend or relative growing in a particular field. It often happens, when they are unable to carry out a decision for their career or when they are not success in their field or earning fewer amounts than their need.
Do not make your mind like that, but instead of this consider the area where you find yourself satisfied.

If you have set your mind to change your career, give some extra and sufficient time to reach

a strong decision. Are you prepared for the career you are interested in? Acquire extra knowledge if needed.

Keep your resume updated and highlight your qualifications in the best way. Prepare for the interviews before you appear in and start building networking.

These the things are that many applicants do not consider on.

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