Authentic & Genuine Vastu Consultants in India Best Astrologer in India Online Consultation

Authentic & Genuine Vastu Consultants in India Best Astrologer in India Online Consultation

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah!
Meheaq was born in India in 1980 and since early adolescence he has been in contact with the topics concerning Astrology, Numerology and spirituality that have been transmitted to him through some family ties, through books by great spiritual masters.

Observing the practice of mantras and deepening the themes of reincarnation with great interest, she becomes aware of his emotional & sensitive nature and tries to deepen the topics of astrology & Numerology to be of help to suffering people.

Fortunately for him, she meets the literature of the great spiritual masters of India and is inspired to
make his first step in this direction in the year 2020 where she receives initiation and lives his first life experiences
in the astrology & numerology & vastu, where she learns philosophy. Vedic and the essence of spiritual life by the grace of GOD.
His interests in the spiritual life lead him to also know topics such as Astrology and Numerology & Vastu, inspired by other Western masters and she begins his course of Vedic Astrology studies.

She immediately realizes the importance of knowing how to translate and transmit the essence of Astrology and Numerology with the words suitable for the Indian audience, following the example and instructions of renowned astrologers who have already experienced the need to convey this beautiful knowledge to the

She lives in Jaipur where she opened her first centers for Astrology, Numerology and Vedic studies. She is currently in Jaipur and plans to open a new study center.

With this site she wants to joyfully propose the game of life as an instrument of spiritual and material emancipation through Numerology, Astrology & Vastu.
She is well versed in all areas of astrology, numerology & vastu and Call @ Best Numerologist Astrologer Vastu Coach & Tarot Reader in Jaipur- Enayth Kulasttri.

Best Numerologist Astrologer, Spiritual Counsellor & Vastu Coach in Jaipur is Meheaq.
Both have expertise in this stream.
Why us:

  • *Problem Solves Easily
  • *Extensive list of Trusted Clients
  • *100% Client Satisfaction
  • *Best Service All Time
  • *Rich Experience
Authentic & Genuine Vastu Consultants in India Best Astrologer in India Online Consultation::

Authentic & Genuine Vastu Consultants in India Best Astrologer in India Online Consultation

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