बिल गेट्स के आज़माये हुए 7 सक्सेस टिप्स- 7 Tips On How To Be Successful


There are many reasons to fail. The significant reason of failure is, ‘I do not like people around me’Whenever you go for an interview, your profile is selected or rejected not only on the basis of your academic knowledge and skills but also on your behaviour as to how much you like people as to how much likely you adjust with any kind of circumstances or people of different nature and attitudes.

How to be a person to whom people like the most. Let us analyze:-

Always remember the names of the person you meet, failing which shows that you actually are not /least interested in such persons.

Be an easy going person. be a person who can entertain others  with good sense of humour without humiliating others.

Maintain equanimity so that calmness of your mind may not be disturbed in adverse conditions.

Do not overreact  or do not speak excessively unnecessarily. Do not show that you are a knowledgeable person and others are fool. Do not be egoistic. Be polite. Be humble.

Appreciate those people whom you actually do not like.Practice this as much as you can and you will find that you started liking those people for whom you earlier always kept grudges or aversion.

Remove those elements of your nature that may prick anyone. Do not utter harsh words.

Drain all your previous complaints regarding people and start afresh with them by removing all misunderstandings.

Don’t remain silent, when your opinion is essential.Practice to like people. You will soon find that you like people around you.

Do not miss any chance to congratulate on their achievements or console them in their grief.

Do not feel that people around you are fools. This thought of your proves that you are be-fooling yourself by considering others fool.

Be friendly with others. But do not try make friends with wealth. Friendship can never be purchased.

Do not be ever revengeful for anyone. Forgive others for their mistakes by keeping forbearance.

Keep in your mind that no one can be completely perfect. Everyone does some mistakes.

Accept everyone with their respective attitudes and nature and thought patterns. Every man is different from others. It may be habits, choices, preferences, working manners. It is not essential that you appreciate others all the time, but do not consider them idle, if they are not doing according to your expectations.

Do not make your image of reformer:- Always be  a cool person. No one like to hear about their mistakes. Do not try to reform others.

When you practice all these things, you will find yourselves groomed in your nature, attitude and personality. You will realize that the trifle things that used to irritate you are now not disturbing you. You have become more compassionate and generous and now the things have become easier too.


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