Happiness is not a state of mind…it is…


You may have heard or faced in the childhood fear of the ghosts. Some children start crying in darkness due to their imagination of the ghosts. And you or any wise person would have explained as to how these are imaginary ghosts and not existed in reality. Don’t you laugh at this experience of your childhood now? Obviously yes!

In reality we also have this kind of imagination at the initiation of any task. We are expert in giving strength to the ghosts of our worries thereby strengthen those. Someone may say that he is a fearless person and fear nothing but actually that person may have multiple fears regarding his life, like,

Whether I succeed?

Whether I fail?

Whether I’ll achieve the goal?

Whether I’ll get the job?

Whether I’ll be successful in running the business?

Whether I’ll be sick?

Whether I’ll defeat the rivals? So on and so forth…

A person seeing his grandfather dying due to a chronic disease had thought that he would certainly die of the same disease and despite his good health, the symptoms of the disease lead him towards the death bed. These were imaginary ghosts of his mind that made him sick that resulted into his death later on. The disease was not actually inherited but due to imagination it happened.

A person distressed with life in order to commit suicide bought a vial of poison which was actually a colorful liquid which was harmless, despite the same, when he consumed it, he died and the same poison was found in his body. This was created by the imaginary thoughts of the ghosts.

Doctors has proven that human feelings cause great  impact on the physical body therefore if a person is happy, he may recover soon however a frightened, anxious person takes time to recover.

If you are a parent, please do not inculcate the negative thoughts in your children like, do not do this or you will get cold. Do not go there, because there lives a ghost, monster, devil who will eat you.  Don’t eat this or you will get sick. Don’t play or your bone will be broken. Please allow your children to do everything that is actually good for his health.  Don’t give unnecessarily instructions to your children without a logic involved therein, which will not only spoil their childhood but also ruin their positive thoughts pattern, let the little hearts bloom in the air of positive thoughts so that they may have fun of the life with energy and enthusiasm else these imaginary ghosts stuck by you in their lives, will definitely ruin their lives in future.

Kill the ghosts of worries, anxiety, and fear immediately and lead a successful life. Yes! You are the prince or princess who can kill those imaginary ghosts and live a happy, healthy and prosperous life with dignity and pride. Keep smiling!


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