अमेज़न के ओनर की तरह सफल बनना चाहते हो तो यह आजमाओ To Be Successful You Need to…



You may have seen a lot of people who despite having capabilities and skills are unable to attain their objectives, as they fail to grab the opportunity at the right time.

Once there was a person who was appointed  to clean the utensils, his master was  perfect in making sculpture. One day his master designed some sculpture but it was broken due to the negligence of the servants. A party was thronged that day and the guests were just about to come. His master was quite upset as to what could be done, in the meantime his servant who used to clean utensils proposed him that he would make something within no time that would be center of attraction for all the invitees. He agreed. This servant made a lion with butter, it was so beautifully designed that everyone in the party appreciated it. Moreover, his education and other things were managed by some officials. This is how he grabbed the opportunity and became famous.

Certain things appear to be useless, but the perspective of a person, having sense to analyze the situation positively, and attitude to grab the opportunity  make them successful. Once upon a time a lady purchased property but it was a marshy land. Some people made fun of her that she bought a land which was  full of thorns thus useless. She asserted that she will cultivate flowers  and sell it in the market and she did the same and became a renowned florist. Some other people got inspiration from her  and they did the same and became prosperous.

A small invention of curved pin became an invention to be patented and the person got pecuniary benefits thereby. What cannot be done with your will power and working at the right time by taking the right decision and grabbing the opportunity in time.

You also possess the instincts to change the world, but you are not self reliant or determined. The whole problem is that a person fails not because of the lack of talent but by not identifying the talent he possesses. This makes  him disappointed and sad. Therefore know your skills and hone them time to time by grasping the opportunities in front of you timely. Analyze why  you are not successful. What are the demerits in you? Why you are not successful like other persons? Are they different from you? They are also human beings, has more or less similar or dissimilar problems which you face generally in your life. Are they more beautiful or smart? Why are you not successful? The powers they possess are certainly present in you. The entire difference is that they have used their powers in grooming themselves, while you missed it.  If you seriously analyze you will definitely find what he (successful person) has done can be done by you,but you did not do. Why so? Because you failed assessing your powers, wisdom and talent.


Have a strong will power, know your capabilities, no circumstances can ever harm your success unless you lose your heart and kneel down before the adversities. So have heart, do courage and go ahead by grabbing opportunities at the right time. All the best!



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