Getting Enough Sleep Can Extend Your Life

It is true that Americans are living longer than ever. It’s also true that more of us live healthier into our advancing years and are more active than any middle-aged and elder generations before. As we begin to unlock some of the keys to a longer and healthier life, we discover some things that seem so simple, we might tend to dismiss them. It would be a mistake; research shows that we can have a very active and entertaining lifestyle well into our 70’s,  80’s and 90’s.

Along with all the sports nutrition supplements and prohormone supplements, energy drinks, and ephedra diet pills, one of the most effective health enhancers is proper rest. It has been said that as we get older, we need less rest. However, very few people surveyed on the subject in the last decades reported ever getting enough sleep. We tend to start as schoolchildren, staying up a little late to finish homework or to watch the end of a movie or to finish a chapter in a great book. In college we stay up with friends because who can tell us not to; then we stay up and cram for those final exams. How to get over sleep disorders psychology.

Life never really stops. A good night’s sleep can be your best friend.

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