जिंदगी को खुल कर जियें लेकिन कैसे? यह ज़रूर जान लें


Do outer/external circumstances impact on someone’s talent? Or is there any luck factor that you don’t have, let us analyze.

There lived 2 boys Jerry and John. Jerry was a studious person, while John used to waste his time in smoking, drinking and gambling.  When their academic results were declared, Jerry was a topper and john failed in all subjects. A journalist met both the students and said, ‘I wish to know as to what could be the reasons behind success and failure, I wish to analyze and will publish that’. John explained, ‘My father is a daily drinker, he screams at the children, he has nothing to do. Whatever he earns through gambling, he wastes it in drinking and smoking and I learnt all these things from him. How can I progress if I live in such adverse circumstances? There is no facility of electricity. Neither I was able to purchase the books, nor could I borrow during examination.’  These are the reasons I failed.

Jerry was sincerely listening to his thoughts. He replied to the journalist ‘I am also living in the same circumstances where my father has all the vices explained by John. But I did not want to lead that life so I made up my mind to study. I was keen to learn, I scored good marks by reading diligently.  Therefore I got scholarship. I went to public library, studied there, and prepared notes for the books I do not have. I would study in street light.  And I did whatever I could do to be what I wanted. These are the reasons of my success that I wanted to come out of the adverse circumstances and defeat poverty. Later on Jerry became a successful person and John’s failure led him towards more despair and he led the same life as his father was leading.

The interesting factor of the story is that both were twins and were living in same circumstances and the positive attitude of Jerry made him a successful person while john’ s negative attitude made him do no progress.

Do not let the circumstances overpower you. You can win the world by your thoughts and positive attitude. Everything is in your hands. It is not predestined or there is no luck factor that makes someone successful. It is the hard work, confidence, never say die attitude with positive approach along with determination that leads you towards the path of success. So do not blame your circumstances. You can hone your skills anywhere, if you want; even in the toughest environment. So better to have courage to change your adverse circumstances and win the world and enjoy your success. Live a happy life. All the best, keep smiling, live the life with enthusiasm.





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