Band Baaja Baaraat Google Drive

Very interesting topic indeed!
Because you were trying to find some videos of your wedding in your computer and find all files in folder named: band baaja baaraat Google drive you really get amazed. This is amazing. Suddenly you realize that all of your old memories refreshed. Every moment and every minute is saved at your computer through this digital era where you can get all your data saved in Google drive. When you check you found that this is one of the most precious files you were trying to find, in every nook and corner of your laptop or personal computer.
All those sweet memories of your wedding day come alive. You feel so nostalgic. Because of all the important data saved. You start remembering when you collected all the information about local vendors of lawazma, ghodi baggi atishbazi for wedding to make your baraat very special. You called up all the people related to the wedding lawazma and baraat procession related work and finally you end up finalizing Raju Bhai , by calling at his number 9772222567 the famous lawazma wala in Jaipur, who has years of experience in providing ghodi, baggi, elephant and doli, palki for wedding. Yes, those were the days! You still remember the long list of baraatis, the relatives and near and dear ones. One your father insistited you to hire a baggi for baraat procession and you said ok after a little hesitation. A little hesitation, because you did not know how to ride a baggi with two horses. And when you were asked to take a ride a few days ago, you feel yourself at cloud nine. What a feeling it was. And lot of hustle and bustle. A lot of sweets exchanging. A lot of fanfare. A lot of everything. Just like every big Indian wedding. This was a new era you were going to enter. Wedlock. Yes. All these precious moments of baraat procession in Jaipur were captured in a DSLR by a professional photographer.  What a feeling this was! The whole group of your friends and near and dear ones started dancing at the baraat procession while band wallas were playing Bollywood songs to their best and mixing a mellifluous aroma of celebration in the atmosphere.

Band Baaja Baaraat Google Drive
Band Baaja Baaraat Google Drive

The role of Google drive was important because it kept all the data intact for so many years and when you were trying to find some other important files you suddenly stopped at this folder. What is this? Maybe you were wondering it to be some random pictures and videos you saved but no! This is your wedding videos at the folder name Band Baaja Baaraat Google Drive. This is so amazing. You downloaded it at once and started watching it.
Disappointned  to find some faces that disaappeared from this world. But still there memories are saved intact. The old moments never comes back as it is said. Time never come back, but through your folder named Band Baaja Baaraat Google Drive you were able to find every thing or say, almost.
Hold your breath. Drink a glass of water and watch it twice. You have memories saved intact you don’t have to worry.

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